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Top 5 Toilet Upgrades That Will Revolutionize Your Bathroom

Is your toilet not as inviting as it should be? If you’re a homeowner, there’s no excuse for slacking on your next toilet upgrade. Whether you’re battling clogging issues, an uncomfortable seat, or your toilet is looking dilapidated, there are more than enough toilet upgrades available to you.

The goal of this article is to introduce you to some helpful ideas that’ll help to turn your lackluster bathroom into a throne fit for a king. These are the ideas that’ll make your bathroom more inviting than ever before. So, with that, it’s time to put the days of your old toilet in the rearview and prepare to upgrade.

1) Bidet Toilet Combo

This list is going to start off with a bang because a bidet toilet combo is your best option. As far as toilet upgrades go, this is the best of the best. Are you unsure what a bidet is? Well, what started as a trend in Asia and Europe has become a growing trend in America for good reason.

Essentially, a bidet rinses your bottom after you go, which cuts out the need to use toilet paper.  Hemorrhoid sufferers, people who need to wipe multiple times, and pregnant women all greatly benefit from using a bidet. Just imagine not having to irritate the sensitive skin down below by wiping too many times.

When choosing a bidet toilet combo, there are several trustworthy brands, with Kohler, TOTO, and Woodbridge being the best of the bunch. Several features found on luxury bidet toilet combos are heated seats, self-cleaning & sanitization, warm air dryers, and auto open/close lids on the finest models.

2) Power Flush Toilet

Does your toilet regularly clog or leave skid marks? Both of these problems can be mitigated by investing in a power flush toilet. The key ingredient in this type of toilet is the flushing technology that makes the most out of each flush. Not only does a toilet like this minimize water usage, it also thoroughly cleans the bowl with each flush.

By choosing this type of toilet as your next toilet upgrade, you’re bound to eliminate your current clogging issues and reduce the frequency of bowl cleanings. All in all, this is a solid choice for homeowners with clogging issues.

3) Comfort Height Toilet

If you’re tall and feel as though you’re sitting too low when you go, then a comfort height toilet is a must-have upgrade for you. The title “comfort height” says it all because this type of toilet sits higher than others, which allows you to mount the bowl more easily, especially if you’re over 6’ tall.

Additionally, comfort height toilets are better for seniors and the elderly because they’re inherently easier to mount. This way, seniors don’t have to bend down too far, particularly at the knees, to get on the toilet. The bottom line is that if you have tall people and seniors in your family, a comfort height toilet is a worthy upgrade to consider when choosing your next toilet.

4) Handheld Bidet Sprayer

An affordable alternative to installing a toilet bidet combo that doesn’t require the installation of a new toilet is a handheld bidet sprayer. So, if you’re happy with your current toilet, then adding a handheld bidet to the equation is a great way to eliminate the need to wipe with toilet paper.

When choosing this type of bidet, there are several versions available, and they do range in price. Your most basic option certainly won’t break the bank, while even the pricier options are still very affordable compared to investing in a luxury bidet.

A good place to start is with a model that has an extended sprayer arm. This way, you don’t have to reach too far down below to make sure the sprayer is making contact with the right part of your body. Lastly, a handheld sprayer makes it easy to adjust the water flow to find your sweet spot.

5) Heated Toilet Seat

During the winter months when the pot can get chilly, there’s nothing quite like a heated toilet seat. If you’re someone who lives in a climate with bitter-cold winters, a heated toilet seat is undoubtedly a worthy toilet upgrade. When choosing a model, there are plain heated toilet seats along with models that also feature bidets.

As a result, this upgrade leaves the door open to upgrading to a bidet and heated seat in one swoop. You’ll find that models by TOTO, Brondell, and BioBidet all shine in this category. Depending on whether you have a round or elongated toilet seat, there are options in both departments, just make sure to choose the right shape when you order to ensure compatibility.

Wrapping Up

Toilet upgrades are essential for homeowners with toilet issues to consider. After all, the toilet is something you use every day and should enjoy using. No matter your budget, there are options above that’ll make trips to the pot more enjoyable. Which upgrade do you find the most attractive?

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