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How to Clean AC According to the Aircon Service Professional

An air conditioner (AC or aircon) is an essential household appliance. It transforms warm air in the environment into cool air for your indoor space. Besides regular aircon servicing, you can also perform some DIY maintenance based on this how-to clean AC from a seasoned aircon technician.

How to clean AC according to HVAC professional

Before you start, you need to prepare some common household items, such as dry cloth, a large plastic bag, and a vacuum cleaner.

Dry your AC

Ensure the inside of your AC is dry before cleaning it. Dry its components by turning on fan mode for 15-30 minutes. The goal of this step is to eliminate all the moisture that may still linger on its parts.

What if you have not used the AC recently? Suppose you do not use it around one or two hours before you want to clean it, you can skip this step.

Check and read the user’s manual

The how-to guide is easy to do; however, you still need to understand how to detach certain parts of your AC.

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Before cleaning your AC, please make sure you have the user’s manual with you.

Find how to remove the front panel of your AC on the manual. Removing the front panel will allow you to locate and clean the air filter.

Turn off your AC

As silly as it may sound, ensure to turn off your AC entirely. Unplug any cables from your AC before cleaning it. This step can prevent any power from coming into your AC.

Use a large plastic bag to cover your indoor unit

The plastic bag is handy to keep splattering water and dust from making a mess at your place. That is why before you begin the cleaning process, please cover the indoor unit of your AC with a large plastic bag.

Lift the front panel of your AC

It is now time for the cleaning part—the previous steps are preparing how to clean your AC.

Since the indoor unit is already covered with a large plastic bag, you must locate the latch for the front panel of your indoor unit. Then, lift the front panel by detaching it slowly according to the instructions on the manual. Wash the panel with running water and let it dry outside.

Clean the air filter

After you lift the filter and clean it, you can see the air filter of your AC. Brush off any dust on the filter outside. You can also dust it off if you have a vacuum cleaner. Next, you can wash it with water by soaking it.

Let the parts dry

It is now time to let all the parts dry. Wipe all those parts that you clean with a dry cloth. However, do not attach them back after you wipe them. Let all those parts dry first by placing them outside for 30 minutes.

Keep in mind not to put the parts under direct sunlight because the materials may not stand UV radiation.

Vacuum the drain line of your AC

While waiting for the parts to dry naturally, it is time to vacuum the drain line. You can do it by detaching the drain line first, then vacuuming its inside and flush it afterwards.

This step aims to unclog any pileup of dust or debris that may accumulate inside the drain line due to everyday use.

Attach all the parts and run your AC

The last step in this how-to clean your AC is to attach all those parts backs. Check the manual again in case you are unsure how to attach them back. Lastly, you should run the AC—for 30 minutes—at the lowest temperature. It will help to drain out the remaining moisture in your AC.

The key takeaway

The how-to clean your AC is just regular cleaning that you can do without professional help. Still, that does not substitute the need for a trusted and best aircon servicing contractor.

A good HVAC professional like ac repair Las Vegas can perform professional servicing to keep your aircon running efficiently. They can also run a series of tests to check every component of your aircon, helping you to avoid hefty repair costs in the long run. Besides servicing, HVAC professionals can also perform chemical wash so you can enjoy healthier air.

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