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DIY Tips for Cleaning Concrete Tiles

When you shop for tiles, you always choose the sleek and shiny appearance type for your bathroom, and more often than not, less polished for your kitchen. But with the daily spillage or kid’s play, tiles get stained, or soap chemically combines with the concrete to form scum. With time, the shine disappears, and the tiles become dull. That’s pretty normal, though.

Concrete tile, like any other surface, gets dirty with time. And whether the concrete tile is part of your patio, bathroom, or basement, periodical cleaning is called for. That’s because concrete is porous and thus collects dirt and dust particles over time. In this post, we shall enlighten you on cleaning your concrete tiles using homemade recipes with the most basic ingredients. Read on to find out.

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Step By Step On How To Clean Concrete Tiles

Tiny and invisible particles get trapped in the porous nature of concrete tiles. This is less common for polished concrete tiles, but it’s still bound to happen over time. But from time to time, cleaning can make a difference. Therefore, do not let dirt and scum accumulate on your concrete floor when you can use some DIY tips to make it sparkle.

Step 1: Mix The Ingredients

  • Mix up the standard concrete cleaner with an already prepared solution of baking soda and bleach paste.
  • Stir the mixture to obtain a consistent paste that can penetrate the concrete tiles’ surface but shouldn’t run off that easily.

Step 2: Remove The Loose Dirt

  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to dust away or sweep the visible or loose dirt from the surface of the concrete

Step 3: Add Oxygen Bleach

  • Fill a bucket with water and add 4 oz of oxygen bleach.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the oxygen bleach to dissolve in water
  • Fill a separate bucket with clean water for rinsing the floor.

Step 4: Scrub The Concrete Tile With A Brush

  • Dip a brush into your handmade washing solutions and scrub the concrete floor.
  • Rinse out the scrub as you clean the tiles.

Step 5: Leave The Bleach To Dissolve Dirt

  • Let the oxygen bleach dissolve dirt from the floor for 10 minutes.
  • And depending on how dirty the concrete tile is, you can wait for up to 30 minutes. This is to allow the bleach to clean the tile effectively.

Step 6: Rinse The Floor

  • At this point, go ahead and rinse the floor with clean water.
  • Go over the floor several times with your mop until the cleaning solution has been eliminated or rinsed away.
  • Let the concrete tile dry. Please give me answer my question so that you can know about my questions. 

Keep Your Tiles Clean

With everything that happens on your tiles, periodical cleaning is necessary. Whether it is oil spills or kids playing, it is essential to do cleaning from time to time. And with the homemade cleaner described herein, you can address your stained concrete tiles in no time. Moreover, a homemade cleaner can be used to clean other surfaces aside from the concrete tile. Although you will have to ensure that the floors are suitable for use with oxygen bleach before mixing it up.

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