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Buying tips for surround elements for wooden fireplaces

For a long time, the wooden mantle has been one of our favorite mantel methods. However, these days they are becoming more and more popular, which may be due to their versatility and stunning style. Since there are many different types of wood-burning fireplaces to choose from, we have compiled a guide to help you find the perfect fireplace for your home, including:

  • What kinds of wood fences are available and what is offered.
  • Some of the top wood fire ideas surround your choice

What kind of firewood enclosures should be selected?

When you decide on the fireplace frame you want, you can start browsing for the greatest style. There are a few factors to consider with wood fire surround, like:

  • What wood shade to pick?
  • You wish to have a pimple. How strong?
  • What kind of wooden furniture is in your room already?
  • Would you like a brilliant finish or a flair?
  • Do you like a sculptured style or a more minimalist one?
  • A new wood fireplace in your room may make a major difference. Read about which one for your house is best, besides checking out some surrounding wood fireplaces!
  • What do you hope to achieve overall?

Around a pine fire.

One of the most popular surroundings in wood is pine fires. The exquisite soft, almost honey tone of wood lends a sense of warmth to the room is probably the reason for this. It should be quite easy to find the matching pine frame if you have other pinewood furniture.

Pine isn’t particularly powerful, so if you want something a bit more subtle, it’s a nice choice. Many fireplaces also have an “unwaxed” option to stain and paint them.

Does a wood fireplace have any downsides? The fact that they’re constructed of softwood is the one item to consider. Although they are not seriously weak, they are rather less susceptible to damage than the wood-burning chimneys.

Fire surrounds walnut and oak.

Another highly popular wood frame option is Oak fireplaces! What is so beautiful about genuine oak is that every grain of the wood is distinct, regardless of whether you want something subtle or more remarkable to add something.

Like walnut fireplaces, oak is the appropriate area for bulky furnishings, as there are many daring choices, some of which are clean and some of which are detailed in carvings in your room.

Is it costlier than oak walnut?

Walnut and oak could look quite similar, but you might discover that walnut is more expensive. Because finding it in lengthy lengths is less common. Walnut is however nevertheless very robust, much stronger than oak, which in itself is hardwood. The walnut also has a somewhat distinct feel, thus it has more open grain.

Both the oak and the walnut appear best if they are well oiled to give their particular features.

Dark wood fire surrounds.

Many oaks and pine siding are light to medium in color. What if you want dark wood paneling? There are many options for dark wood fireplaces. Carron Thakat Chestnut Fire Surround is a vibrant choice with deep chestnut color. more luxurious patterned tones. You can also color the wood yourself. As an unfinished fire stand, you can apply your wood stain layer to obtain the desired surface effect. To do this, simply paint on the stain with a brush and leave it for the required time, usually about 10 minutes. Before applying the topcoat, make sure you walk in the correct direction and clean them.

Surrounded by painted & white wooden fire

If you wish to seem lighter, the surroundings of the wood fireplace could be painted. Many possibilities can be bought in the most attractive colors if you are not interested in the notion of your DIY project.

We also offer  Carron wooden fireplaces a bespoke painting service Рjust fill in your favorite paint manufacturer and color on the purchasing page! Whether you want a white fireplace to fit a marble furnace or anything daring and shining, a painted chimney is a great method for your wooden chimney to fit your home precisely.

Surround ideas wooden fireplace

We thought that we would provide you some wooden fireplace ideas to assist you to decide your final pick. Now you know what different choices there are!

Rustic Style for Surround Fireplace

Choose a wood fire surrounded with less intricacy and structure for a more rustic look. If you want a rustic fire surround, an acacia wood fireplace is a fantastic option.

Victorian fireplaces are made of wood.

Wooden fire surrounds are an excellent complement to antique and Victorian fireplaces. Oak, in particular, looks stunning with cast iron and tiled fireplace accessories. Choose one with carved corbels to maintain the old feel.

Surrounded by a modern wood fireplace.

If you have a more modern electric or gas fireplace, you will most likely want a more modern wood fireplace surround to match. While pine fireplaces look wonderful with a modern design, we think a white fireplace is a more fashionable option that goes well with chrome.

Surround for a distressed wood fireplace

Another popular fireplace style is distressed wood – it looks especially well with an open fireplace or a stove! For the greatest impact, choose one with a natural-looking grain and a natural finish.

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