Why Spend a Farm Stay Vacation on Holidays

No two farm stays are ever the same. Some include copious amounts of farm animal interaction (and pros like petting zoos), while others offer horseback riding, hayrides, or getting to work alongside farmers. You can also find lodging in scenic mountain regions or near coastal beaches with plenty of outdoor activities like kayaking and fishing. Below are seven reasons why spend a farm stay vacation on holidays.

1. Your Kids Get to Mingle with Farm Animals

At some of the best farm stays, kids can get cozy with birds, goats, sheep, cows, pigs, and more. Most farms also have special vacation programs for younger children, so they get a chance to learn about farming too.  Some farms even have specially designated areas for little ones to play with their favourite farm animal pets.

2.  You Get to Go on Adventures with Farmers

Once you spend a vacation with a farm, you’ll have many opportunities to connect with the farmer personally. While most farmers are happy for the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise, some may not be open to interacting with guests – at least until you end your stay.  Whether it’s a safe driving excursion or an educational field trip, a farm stay offers a unique glimpse into the heart and soul of farming.

3. Farm Stay Vacations Offer a Delicious Way to Experience Local Cuisine

Farmers and farm families know that what goes around comes around. That’s why you’ll sometimes find special farm-to-table dinners with local ingredients in local-based holidays, and other times enjoy the fruits of your interactions with farmers and their farms. Aside from meals, farm stays can also offer tastings or cooking classes with professional chefs; or you can learn how to make your jam at the honey house.

4. You Can Rebound from Holiday Stress with a Farm Stay

The holidays are a time of busy schedules, rushed mornings, and family gatherings. If you’re feeling the pressure to get everything done in time for Christmas morning or New Year’s Eve, a farm stay vacation could be the ideal way to relax and recharge.

5. You Can Discover The Relaxing Benefits of Spousal Time Together

During Christmas time, you might feel like your spouse is already working too hard. That’s why it’s important to spend quality time together to rekindle the romance. Plan a farm stay vacation with your partner for some extra alone time, or opt for an intimate farm stay that includes spa treatments to boot.

6.  You Can Cuddle Up with Nature

Connecting to nature is one of the most relaxing activities for everyone. When you’re on a farm, you might want to bring along binoculars so you can look at more than just the green grass and blue skies. Some of the most beautiful views are also found in mountainous regions, so feel free to bring cameras along if you want to capture some landscapes.

7. Farm Stay Vacations Offer a Timeless Way to Remember the Heritage

Farm stays are also a great way to reconnect with the past. Many of the most famous landmarks in America are rooted in farming traditions. Whether it’s Thomas Jefferson writing about the virtues of growing hemp, or John Deere building his first mechanical combine, historical events are often depicted through the lens of farming.


There are many ways to spoil yourself from holiday stress, but a farm stay vacation is not only a fun way to do it but something that your entire family will enjoy. On a farm stay vacation, you can learn about farming traditions and history, enjoy the simple pleasures of nature, and make new friends in the process.

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