What is Pipe Relining and Why Should I Use It?

Every homeowner’s worst nightmare involves plumbing problems. They’re disgusting, expensive, and can take forever to resolve in some cases. If you’re experiencing issues with your pipes, you’ll want to get them fixed quickly, safely, and for as little cost as possible.

There are two main options when it comes to fixing pipes: pipe repair and pipe relining. Since it’s a relatively new method, many homeowners wonder what pipe relining is, and if it’s right for them. This article will help you figure out whether pipe relining is the right option for you.

What Pipe Relining Means

Pipe relining is the process of a new lining being placed within your existing pipes. Essentially, a smooth, resin-like pipe is inserted into your entire pipeline. This covers any areas that might be cracking or that have degraded due to age and negates any leaks you might have.

Pipe relining is faster, safer, and more effective than traditional pipe repair. There’s no need to dig up your land — causing you to live in a messy environment for the duration of your repairs — and the job won’t need to be repeated any time soon. Here are some other great reasons to choose pipe relining to solve your plumbing issues:

It Saves You Money

Pipe relining is the most cost-effective way to repair your pipes, plain and simple. There are no additional fees for excavation, camera technicians, or repeated repairs when other areas of the pipes begin to fail.

There’s one job to be done, and it covers the entire length of your pipeline, leaving you to rest assured that your plumbing will remain in good condition.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Pipe relining doesn’t require exposure to hazardous waste or displacement of the earth, so it doesn’t disrupt plant or animal life around your home. With no need for excavation, pipe relining is minimally invasive to your surrounding environment.

Where metal piping can degrade over time, the pipe relining insert is made from eco-friendly material, and will remain in good shape for 50 years or more. This makes you a positive contributor to the environment, and without even lifting a finger.

It’s Permanent

Pipe repair replaces sections of leaky pipes one at a time, because pipes break down with age, leaking and cracking in different areas as they begin to fail. This is an added inconvenience to you, not to mention being even more expensive.

As mentioned above, the pipe relining insert will remain intact for a minimum of 50 years and is guaranteed to do so by the pipe relining company that you hire. As it spans the entire length of your pipeline, you’ll have no need for repeated visits as you would with traditional pipe repair.


When you’re facing issues with your pipes, you want to know the best way to go about fixing them. There’s a lot of stress involved when it comes to plumbing problems, so why not choose the option that makes your life easier?

Pipe relining takes the stress out of pipe repair by being safer, more cost-effective, and most importantly, permanent. It’s the smart choice when it comes to resolving plumbing issues, making them a thing of the past for the foreseeable future!

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