How to Apply Kiss Lashes?

Lashes are like the petals of those eyes. Without which eyes would lose their sparkle and vigor. But not everyone would have thick curly lashes lifted upon graciously and naturally. Trying the options like lash lifts or lash extensions is always a tedious and expensive process. So the best alternative would be the kiss lashes! Kiss collections would just have three rows of eyelashes, each spreading out in different directions and giving a natural realistic look. This would add great elegance and style to your eyes. Many celebrities and artists prefer this over lash extensions nowadays. Here are some of the ways to attach these fake lashes to your eyes,

  • Keep Every Supplies Ready

For applying the false lashes, we need to get ready with so many supplies ready! We can’t just put the false eyelashes just like that as there are lots of work to be done to keep it firm around the real eyelashes. For this, you need some tweezers and also lash adhesives. The role of these in eyelash makeup is explained below. 

  • Trim the Eyelash Strips

It may feel bad to cut those beautiful false eyelashes but you need to cut some bits in them if you want to look good on your eyes. Every eye is not the same here so the same length won’t suit all the eyes. You don’t need to throw off that extra bits, you can fill them near the edges of your eyes. When you cut the strips, you can also trim the lash ends. By this, you can make them look more natural and appealing. 

  • Apply the Lash Glue

As a next step, you need to apply some glue to the eyelashes which makes it easy for you to stick them over your real lashes. You need to apply these glue strategically so that they fit in a perfect way! You don’t need to apply the glue all over the lashes as it becomes so wet and messy. Just streak down some of the glue over the lash ends and dry them for a few seconds. Remember to not dry them for too long as they become unable to fit near your lashes. You can just dry for 30 seconds, it’s more than enough!

  • Use Mirror

Using mirrors is very essential to know whether you are fitting the lashes in the right place. But there is a way to look into it or else you would end up fitting lashes in the wrong position. You should look downwards into the mirror and not in a straightforward manner. When you look straight into the mirror, you may plant the lashes in the wrong place as your vision fools you. So, the best way is to place the mirror on the lap and then look into it downwards. 

  • Use Eyeliner Above Strips

Even if you are wearing eyelashes, it should appear realistic and convincing. For that, applying the eyeliner above the lashes is the best option. Take a liquid liner and spread them until the edge of the eyes. You can also flick out one end if you want a beautiful winged end. 

We hope that this really helped you in setting right your kiss lashes. So, just be guilt-free and add them to your stylish collections.  

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