Can You Earn Real Money From Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket has become a new phenomena and is one of the most popular among people in India over the last few years. Cricket itself is a popular sport in India after Football and Kabaddi. Cricket is a sport that has been ardently followed by the people of India over several decades. The sport has been considered as a religion in India. Moreover, Cricket is considered as an unofficial national sport of India due to its craze and rising popularity over the decades. Cricket is followed by people across all the age groups in India. With the popularity of Indian cricket, the sport has grown enormously in the segment of fantasy sports. Fantasy Sports was only popular in Western countries, but gradually this phenomena made its way into India and became very popular in the country. 

Fantasy Cricket came into existence over a decade ago, but it has become very popular in the last few years. During the Lockdown period in 2020, there has been a significant increase in the number of users playing fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket helps the fans to get more involved into the game rather than being mere watchers of the sport. It is a platform where the cricket enthusiasts can create their own team and defeat their opponents by showcasing your skills and understanding about the game. Playing cricket games on mobile phones have become outdated given the growing popularity of Fantasy Cricket in India. The competition in Fantasy Cricket has added further thrill and excitement among the cricket enthusiasts. 

However, the main question is whether one can earn real money fantasy cricket? Many cricket fans play fantasy cricket to make money. Making or earning money through fantasy cricket is a secondary source of income for those who want to make extra money for their living. During the lockdown period, life became monotonous and the fantasy gaming platform, including fantasy cricket provided an opportunity to the people to make money. The increasing passion and enthusiasm for cricket led people to participate in the online cricket competition or leagues in order to earn money. 

How can one earn by playing fantasy cricket? All you need to do is to download a fantasy gaming application. Then, you have to enter your personal details, including your name, phone number, mail id and others. Most importantly, you need to fill up your bank details in which the money will be withdrawn. After filling the details, you need to deposit money in order to participate in a fantasy cricket contest. Thereafter, you pick a league or a competition you want to play. Each league has its own entry fee. If you are a beginner in Fantasy Cricket, then it is advisable to pick a league that has less entry fee. So that, you won’t lose a lot of money.

After picking up a league or contest, you have to pick a team. Your team should consist of four batters, a wicketkeeper, two all-rounders and four bowlers. Before you pick up the players, make sure you go through their history on how they have performed in the previous matches. Randomly picking up the players will lead to losing the contest as well as money. Moreover, keep yourself updated about the latest news about the players and matches. See, if a player you have picked is available for the match or not. Most starwikibio importantly, check pitch performance, stadium and statistical data related to a game. 

Apart from picking the team, you need to apply your brain and utilise your knowledge about the sport while playing fantasy cricket. Also, you need to follow the tips and strategies and keep them in mind while picking up your fantasy playing XI. You can watch live sessions of the matches to get some idea about the team and players performances. If your team outperforms your opponents, then the money will be credited to your bank account. You need to practice regularly in order to win fantasy cricket. You need to have patience and dedication in order to make it big in fantasy cricket.

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