Your Guide to Select the Right Ergonomic Chair

If you work by sitting for long hours, an ergonomic chair can be your saviour. When it comes to working, ergonomic chairs provide you with the stability and comfort that enhances your health and increases your productivity. So, if you wish to acquire one of these robust beauties, there are a few things that you must focus on, which are:


Most ergonomic chairs are completely adjustable. Depending on your health and job duties, you will find that some adjustable parts are more important than others. An ergonomic chair has the following adjustable parts:

  • Height

Your seat’s height should be at a level that is comfortable for you. Some brands come with specialized height levels that can accommodate short or taller users. If your ergonomic chair doesn’t come with height adjustability, it might be too high for you, causing you to leave your feet dangling mid-air. This can strain the muscles of your inner thighs. You need a chair on which you can sit comfortably and have your feet flat.

  • Backrest

The backrest allows you to sit erect, lean forward, and then recline backwards. Some ergonomic chairs even come with a backrest that tilts at certain angles. The backrest adjustability of the ergonomic chair helps with a strained lower back as you can tilt your back to a comfortable position. Look for a chair that offers a backrest as well as equal pressure lumbar support.

  • Armrest

The best armrest is the one that has the right dimensions for supporting your arms and can be adjusted according to your height. While going through the armrest adjustability of an ergonomic chair, you need to focus on your job description. For instance, if you work with computers, you need a seat that has an armrest at a comfortable angle with the keyboard. You can buy an office chair that features adjustable armrest width so that you can use the chair with different sized tables.

  • Headrest

Buying an ergonomic chair with an adjustable headrest will allow you to place it in any position you want between your head and neck. Sitting erect for long hours can be straining for your neck. Resting your neck on the headrest will help you with neck muscle relaxation. Some brands even offer a tilting headrest that soothes your neck muscles.


The width and depth of the ergonomic chair will provide you with the right and even pressure on the whole seating area. Test the seat before buying the ergonomic chair to ensure that it accommodates your size. A good size will be the one that offers equal pressure across the sitting space. Don’t buy a chair that has a narrow seat area.


Almost all ergonomic chairs have caster wheels. If you are buying the chair for your office, make sure that it matches the office flooring for maximum stability or else you will have a lot of accidents and slips. Soft caster wheels will be stable on the hard floor, whereas hard casters will work better on the carpeted floor. Also, make sure that the chair can match the weight of the user or else the chair will lose its stability.

For people who have to sit for long hours, an ergonomic chair is nothing less than a blessing. If you could choose the right chair, you can improve your posture and increase your productivity.

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