Will There Ever Be Another Brady and Manning?

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are the two of the most influential quarterbacks of all time. If you bet an NFL lines that involved these two quarterbacks, the chances are their teams were favored.

Brady and Manning had some epic battles against each other, but they are still friends to this day. They transcended the game, and it does not look like there will ever be two quarterbacks like these athletes to dominate the NFL at the same time.

These quarterbacks also did wonders for the sportsbooks. Places like BetUS always had great odds on them and bettors took advantage of it! Let’s take a look back at the careers of these two icons.

Tom Brady: The GOAT

The story of Tom Brady is one that will never get old. The skinny and unathletic sixth-round draft pick out of Michigan did the impossible and became the greatest quarterback of all time. The 44-year-old would already have a gold jacket, but he is still playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Remarkably, Brady is still a top-tier quarterback at his age in the NFL. However, his daily preparation is unlike any other player, and that’s why he is still competing at a high level.

Brady started his career in New England as a backup. When he received his time to shine, he did not look back and carried the franchise to the Super Bowl. The quarterback has won seven Super Bowl championships.

Six of them were in New England in nine tries, and then he defeated the Chiefs when he transitioned to Tampa Bay. The personal accolades have also been plentiful for Brady, another reason for him being named the GOAT.  

Brady has five Super Bowl MVPs and three NFL MVPs. He is a five-time All-Pro selection, and a 14-time Pro Bowl pick. He has one of the best resumes of all time, but he is still hungry.

This is a quality that will not be matched by many future players. As great as Manning was, he is not on the GOAT’s level. Although, he got the best of Brady a few times over his Hall of Fame career. Be sure to head to BetUS and bet on Brady’s next game! 

Peyton Manning: Omaha

Peyton Manning became a household name in Indianapolis and then made a Super Bowl transition to Denver. Manning won a Super Bowl with both franchises and is 2-1 in the big game over his career.

Manning took a different path than Brady to the NFL. He played in the SEC at Tennessee before being selected first overall in the 1998 draft by the Colts.

The one thing Manning has on Brady is NFL MVPs. The Super Bowl rings mean more in terms of greatness, but Manning has two more MVP awards than Brady at five.

He is also a ten-time All-Pro selection, doubling Brady’s total. There is still time for Brady to catch Manning in some categories, but this is unlikely. Manning is one of the best ever, and it has shown in the quarterbacks that have come in the league since the Louisiana native.

Any Quarterbacks Who Could Be That Great?

There are some great quarterbacks in the NFL currently. However, nobody will be as great as Brady. The Super Bowl rings will always keep Brady at the top of the list. Patrick Mahomes is one quarterback that could catch Manning, but he will never beat Brady.

Aaron Rodgers is also one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, but he is not on the level of either quarterback. Talent is one thing, but Brady and Manning were the best of their generation for their insatiable appetite to win football games.

This made Manning a Hall of Fame talent, and it’s one reason why Brady is still performing at a high level in the NFL. Infused remedies for everything

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