Why should you use an investing app to take advantage of the opportunities of financial markets?

Are you planning to start investing? Have you been investing for a long time? Whether you are a beginner in the financial markets or an expert, using an investing app can bring a world of difference to your investing journey.

Most of us are busy in our daily life. Yet we want to make the most of the opportunities in the financial markets. An investing app is our friend in such times.

How? Let us see…..

1. Keep Track of Your Portfolio

The value of our investments changes every day. In the case of stocks or derivatives or foreign exchange, they change every second. Even if someone trades full time, calculating the value of a portfolio with each change is impossible. A stock market investment app does the job for us.

All we have to do is key in our existing investments into it and keep adding the new ones. The value of the portfolio is automatically calculated by the app.

Not only that! It also shows us how much gain or loss we have made at any point in time and provides other interesting statistics about our portfolio.

This, on the other hand, helps us make important decisions regarding our portfolio such as what to hold, what to sell off, which one to buy more and others.

2. Get Access to Charts and Statistics

Exploring data is a crucial factor to understand financial markets. However, the world of financial markets is enormous. There are millions of data at play every day. Skimming them to extract the information we need is almost impossible.

Investment apps do this job for us. From learning about the top gainers and losers for the day to technical and fundamental analysis data – any good investment app will provide you with all the data you need and more.

For many beginners, technical and fundamental analysis may sound daunting. Some of the best investing apps also provide you with explanations on how to interpret charts and statistics.

3. Gain Important Insights about the Market

Hundreds of events take place each day. Some affect the financial markets, some don’t. Not only in India, but events in other countries may affect the Indian financial markets. Understanding why the market is moving in some way may be difficult for many of us.

Best investing apps provide us with insightful information about the market movements. They help us understand and interpret events and their financial implications.

4. Access Readymade Strategies

As we move ahead in our investment journey, using strategies for taking advantage of market opportunities becomes important. But how do we get such strategies?

This is where stock market investment apps come to play. Most of the investing apps have preloaded investment strategies tried and tested by experienced traders in the market. These can be a great starting point. People can choose an investment strategy as per their risk profile and investment goals and apply them. Of course, every investor is unique and hence, it is essential to take your time and choose a strategy that suits your specific need.

5. Educate Yourself

When it comes to the financial markets, educating oneself is very important. Financial market education is a continuous journey since it is a dynamic world.

Most investment apps provide a range of educational content that can help you stay up to date and also learn new concepts. You can access training courses, blogs, articles, expert opinions and other such materials to keep learning. These educational materials are developed by experienced educators and financial market professionals.

StockEdge – A Complete Investment App

These days, you will find many investment apps which provide one or more of the features we discussed above. Taking a look at the best investing apps can be quite confusing. It may be difficult to choose the right app for you.

In our opinion, StockEdge is one of the most complete investment apps available in the market. You can track stocks, derivatives and mutual funds in this app.

With a 4.4 rating from 32000+ users and more than 2 million downloads from the Google Play Store, the StockEdge is a power-packed app integrating several features to help you trade and invest seamlessly.

Let us take a look at some of them.

  1. Daily updates about stocks and mutual funds as well as different kinds of business news.
  2. Track the performance of hundreds of stocks and mutual funds.
  3. More than 200 fundamental and technical analysis scans every day. Includes advanced technical scans using indicators such as RSI, MACD, etc.
  4. 360-degree analysis of 5000+ stocks.
  5. Extensive data on mutual funds.
  6. Create and track your portfolio.
  7. Access to readymade strategies tried and tested by professional traders.
  8. Stock lists based on investment themes.
  9. Up to date information about ongoing and upcoming IPOs and updated data relevant to them.
  10. Notes on concall, IPO analysis, concall analysis.
  11. Advanced charting tools for efficient technical analysis.
  12. Daily reports prepared by a dedicated research team with insights on markets and individual instruments.
  13. Up to date news on corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions, stock splits, buyback and others.
  14. The latest news on big business houses and institutional investors. This can help you keep a track of interesting announcements and deals that can affect the market and individual stocks.
  15. Spider Chart – a special feature tracking different aspects of a business such as profitability, growth, efficiency, quality and valuation.

When it comes to investing apps in India, StockEdge definitely stays ahead of any other available in the market. It provides a complete overview of all aspects related to investment and portfolio. It is surely worthwhile to check it out.

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