Why refer to NCERT Books for Class 10 English?

A question that often arises in pupils’ minds while preparing for CBSE board examinations is whether they should study just from NCERT books or should they refer to other books as well? 

The answer is easy- Stick to NCERT books. Here’s why. 

NCERT books are designed to suit the CBSE curriculum 

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) books adhere strictly to the CBSE curriculum and guidelines. Hence, they have all the materials required for each subject. Going through this one book would leave no room for confusion regarding the course structure. 

Easy understanding of the topics 

Best teachers and educators come together to curate the NCERT books. They are written in a manner that is easy to grasp by the students. Once understood, the learning becomes easy. 

Strengthens basic concepts 

NCERT books have clear definitions of the fundamental concepts. A thorough go-through of these books strengthens one’s understanding of the basic concepts. Once clear with the basics, you are ready to ace all your exams. 

Excellent practice exercises 

The preparation for any exam is complete after you have done proper revision. NCERT books provide revision and practice exercises after every chapter that allows you to track your progress.

No reference books required 

You do not have to pick any reference books after NCERT. These books provide every significant detail, question, and formula that you can ask for to be well-prepared for your exams. 

CBSE board questions are picked from NCERT 

Apart from all the learning, what stresses the students most is the pattern of questions. Every CBSE student should know that even the paper setters for the CBSE board follow NCERT books. Hence, to obtain good grades, an NCERT book is all you have to refer to. 

Recommended by CBSE 

To reduce the burden on all students, CBSE has prescribed NCERT books. These books contain all the knowledge a child requires to prepare for CBSE board exams. Hence, the best way to prepare well for your exams is to focus on a thorough go-through of NCERT books. 

Saves your time and energy 

Referring to one book for preparation helps you focus more. The quality of your knowledge improves, saving you time and effort to sort the required matter from different books and then prepare. When your time & energy are well placed, you can easily achieve better grades in your board exams. 

Board examinations can be stressful due to their competitive nature. Putting your time and energy on different books is as much worthless as it is unnecessary when you have the right books sitting right in front of your eyes. 

NCERT books are sufficient in themselves for many reasons, so stick to them for the best results in your CBSE board examinations.

Benefits of NCERT Books for Class 10 English Students

An NCERT book for class 10 Foot Prints without Feet is the best study guide for the students of class 10 to prepare for English. FootPrints without Feet contain all the chapters that are important to score high marks in the exams. Students can study all chapters from FootPrints Without Feet from the book. NCERT Class 10 English Foot Prints without Feet can be downloaded from the internet. Students can also download the answers of all chapters from the internet to score high marks in the exams. Students can read here to get an overview of the chapters given in the Class 10 English.

Students must read all chapters carefully from the English Foot Prints without Feet to score high marks in the final exams. A brief overview of English Foot Prints without Feet is given here that can help students to get more information about the chapters. 

A Triumph of Surgery

It is an interesting story about a rich woman and her dog. students will enjoy reading the story. They should answer all questions given at the end of the chapter for proper understanding. 

The Thief’s Story

It is also a beautiful story that helps students to learn about the values of life. It is a story about fifteen years old child. 

The Midnight Visitor

It is a story of a detective who receives secret papers in a hotel room. Students will enjoy reading this story. 

A question of Trust

It is also an interesting story about a thief who buys books from stolen money. Students must answer all questions given at the end of the book. 

Footprints without Feet

It is a story about a scientist who makes a drug but does not use it properly. 

The Making of a Scientist

This story describes the passion of a child to become a scientist. His mother helps the child to fulfill his dream. 

The Necklace

It is a beautiful story that gives a beautiful lesson to the students. they will learn that one should be satisfied with what one has. 

The Hack Driver

It is another interesting story. The author goes to a village to find a person. He met another person in the village who takes money from the author to help him find the person. But, the author never found the required person. Thus, it creates interest among students. they should answer all questions properly. 


This is a story about a brave girl who refused to marry a greedy person. She refused to marry a person who asked for a dowry to get married. 

The Book That Saved the Earth

It is a short play and helps students to know more about interesting characters. The play is about Martians who visited the earth and went to a library where they found a book of rhymes. They believed that it was not safe to stay there and they left the place. 

Thus, students of class 10 should read all chapters carefully and should answer all questions given at the end of the chapter to score high marks in the final board exams.  

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