Which is the Best Hair Serum for Strong, Frizz-Free Hair?

Despite rigorous efforts to nurture our hair health, our hair problems may appear in some form or another. They could be related to excessive hair fall, rough tresses, frizzy locks, or simply a rough texture. These results may be attributed to improper lifestyle patterns, medicinal intake, stress, and environmental factors. So naturally, we would wish to have a product that effectively combats all the woes. While many hair care products can help you get the desired results, you should first buy the best hair serum to get faster results.

The key is to go with a gentle and nourishing hair care product that offers the goodness of nature inside it. It should thus be made of natural ingredients and should not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Moreover, since it is meant for regular usage, it should help you detox your scalp and tresses in a hassle-free manner.

Chosen correctly, such a hair care product could help eliminate the tangles and frizz. It should also restore the natural shine in your hair and protect your scalp from bacterial infection and sun damage (or UV radiation). If you are looking for the best hair serum for yourself, here are three amazing options to help you make an easier choice. Please find the list of these hair care products below:

1. Onion Scalp Serum

Your scalp is exposed to tons of harmful chemicals and damageable UV rays, and pollution every day. Luckily, Mamaearth holds the answers to your concerns. As Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand, it offers its Onion Scalp Serum that addresses your hair care issues, protects your scalp, and provides intense nourishment to your strands. It also packs in the goodness of Red Onion, Aloe Vera Juice, Pea Sprouts, Niacinamide, etc., all of which effectively fight split ends, frizzy and dull hair, and hair breakage.

In addition, it helps your hair retain its natural texture by accelerating the build-up of keratin in hair. Thus, if you wish to have a promising solution for hair fall, do not wait further and bring home the goodness of the best hair serum today.

2. Onion Hair serum

With Mamaearth Onion Hair Serum, you can endow yourself with the hairstyle you always wished for. This serum has the goodness of Biotin, which is a rich form of Vitamin B. It also contains Olive Oil, D-Panthenol, and other beneficial ingredients that gently detox your hair and scalp. You may use this best hair serum to coat your hair shaft with a glossy finish and leave it with a shinier texture.

Onion is the most effective cure for hair fall as it is rich in sulfur and has antioxidant properties. This Onion Hair Serum, which comes with the natural goodness of Biotin, will gently heal your damaged hair, and leave you with a healthier, smoother, and shinier texture in a hassle-free way. This fact makes it one of the best hair serums available online in India.

3. Rice Wonder Water

Bid adieu to frizz and tangles with this amazingly formulated Rice Wonder water serums. It comes with ingredients like Fermented Rice Water, Keratin, and Castor Oil, all of which are highly efficient in controlling frequent or excessive hair fall and slowing down premature graying.

While Rice water adds shine and volume, keratin conditions the hair strands and strengthens the hair follicles. Thus, nothing would work best than this ultimate frizz-formula to lock the moisture and smoothness into your hair cuticles.

Advantages of using Mamaearth Hair Serum

As Asia’s first MadeSafe-certified brand, Mamaearth offers you many smart reasons to help you decide. We are presenting its list below:

  • Its serums have a non-greasy formula. They reach the hair follicles to provide adequate strength and nourishment.
  • These hair care products do not include any harsh chemicals or toxins. You can be sure of them to contain only the natural goodness to treat your hair care issues.
  • They are designed in a way to protect your hair from UV rays, pollution, and styling products.
  • These are made from highly nutritious ingredients that control hair fall and thinning while improving hair density, from root to tip.
  • These serums are the best way to define your curls, waves, and textured hair.

Other allied products to choose from

No matter how many products you buy, it is important to know how and when they should be applied to get the desired results. First, you should apply oil to your hair and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. Then, you should treat your hair with the best hair serum. In case you are looking for some of the best hair oils to control hair fall, we have listed some options from Mamaearth:

1. Onion Oil

Whenever people complain about hair fall, there is one solution that everyone appreciates and suggests, and that is onion care. This is just when they should try Mamaearth Onion Oil, it is regarded as perhaps the best hair fall oil and can help you get rid of many hair care issues.

It contains high-end ingredients such as Onion Seed Oil, Redensyl, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Bhringraj Oil, and Amla Oil. This hair oil relies on the goodness of nature to give you holistic nourishment for your frizzy, dull, and weak strands, thus eradicating your hair fall concerns.

2. Almond Hair Oil

Who does not like almonds’ pure nourishment for scalp and hair follicles? Almond oil helps faster hair growth, especially when infused with other requisite ingredients such as Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, etc. So, avail of Mamaearth’s Almond Oil, an excellent hair fall oil, and take a step further towards the hair of your dreams!

3. BhringAmla Hair Oil

BhringAmla hair oil nourishes the hair roots and strengthens the scalp. It comprises Bhringraj as the superfood of hair and Amla that acts as the vital energy source for hair. Prepared with some time-tested ingredients such as Bhringraj, Amla, Baheda, and Brahmi, this hair oil fortifies blood capillaries and nourishes the hair strands with essential nutrients, thus improving hair growth.

Summing up

Haircare is important, and so is following a routine that yields maximum results. The key is to know the range of hair serums available online and match them with your hair care requirements and concerns. We recommend that you also know about the ingredients that work well for you before you decide to buy the best hair serum for yourself.

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