What tools do modern recruiters use?

Attracting talented applicants and placing the best candidates in the roles form the crux of recruitment. Modern recruiting is all about using different digital tools to enhance the way recruiters work. From recruitment software to skill testing and video calling software systems, these digital employment tools are designed to optimise the modern recruitment system.

Three fundamental tools for a successful digital recruiting

1. Recruitment software

Recruitment agencies must utilise recruitment agency software if they want a holistic improvement in the way they function and deliver results. A more efficient, effective and productive approach to conducting business calls for a suitable recruitment CRM software partner. It can transform talent sourcing. Data storage and access grow to be more convenient. Everything is more organised and recruiters no longer have to waste time figuring out where an important piece of information is stored. Remote recruiting work is favourable due to easily accessible data.

2. Skills testing software

With recruiters shifting to online assessments and interviews, skills testing software solutions are quickly developing into a necessary tool. Skills assessment tests are useful in quickly filtering through large groups of candidates. As recruitment is a competitive industry, recruiters want to identify suitable applicants and place them as quickly as possible. The many different assessments available via the software makes testing for different positions convenient for recruiters. Online skills testing can be carried out from anywhere which saves a lot of time. The test results also act as tangible evidence of an applicant’s level of skills and abilities which aids a company’s decision making.

3. Video interview software

Similar to online skills testing software, the video interview software systems contribute to a more expedient form of recruiting. Modern hiring systems include digital interviews. And with the global pandemic that doesn’t seem to be slowing down, video interviews are not going anywhere. Recruiters can easily coordinate dates and time for candidate interviews. Those who are working remotely will find it very favourable. It also works better for candidates – it saves them time and interviewing from a comfortable place provides more confidence.

Staffing agencies prefer to use a recruitment software that integrates easily with their existing tools. This is because it makes their work as seamless as possible. For example, a recruitment CRM software that functions smoothly with the skills testing and video interviewing software solutions the agencies already use makes it extremely convenient for recruiters to continue their job. In fact, the quality of their service and the results also improve.

Impact of AI in modern recruitment

Artificial Intelligence plays a significant part in the transformation of recruiting strategies. It has an unparalleled power to go through a massive volume of data. This means a lot can be achieved in the shortest amount of time and with minimum effort on the part of a recruiter.

Instead, that same amount of effort and time can be invested in building relationships, focusing on improving the candidate experience and ensuring that the candidate management process is enhanced.

AI-enabled recruitment software supports time-saving recruiting techniques. Automated candidate sourcing, hiring remote workers, ensuring diversity in the candidate list are all possible due to the AI in the CRM software. Even proactive recruiters would find it extremely challenging to identify and list skilled candidates as quickly as a recruitment platform can.

Compliance checks are also made easier and more comprehensive due to AI. The right-to-work checks are part of every placement. All the documents have to be carefully assessed. GDPR laws are strictly observed in Europe and also in other parts of the world. IR35 laws are also very important for contract workers.

Companies turn to recruitment agencies for guidance on understanding and dealing with these complex regulations. Mistakes can be costly as there is a heavy fine to be paid. Hence, many recruiters adopt a recruitment software offering comprehensive compliance checks as part of its features. This technological support enables recruiters to provide a great service to all their clients.

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