What to Know About Moving to Louisville, Kentucky

Whenever you move to a new location, challenges can arise. However, a little inside information can give you an edge during the moving process and beyond. If you intend on moving to Louisville, KY, there are a few things you will want to know. Whether you are moving from across the country or just the next state over, here are the top things about Louisville, KY you will want to keep in mind.

Experience All 4 Seasons

These days, it is difficult to tell one season from another, depending on where you live, but when you live in Louisville, KY, you have a golden opportunity to experience all 4 seasons throughout the year. This might not seem too significant, but when you factor in that the south rarely sees snow and in certain parts of the country winter seems endless, you can see the benefits to a 4-season year. Ensure you have the right clothes for the season and enjoy each to its fullest in Louisville, KY.

Say Goodbye to Traffic Woes

In some cities, commuting to and from work can be one of the worst times of your day. Increased traffic delays take you away from valued time with the family and seem to get worse by the day. Louisville, KY is far different. This city is considered among the largest cities in the area and has a comprehensive interstate system, but even with a population of just over 766,000 people, traffic remains minimal. There are certain times of the day when traffic is a problem and accidents on interstates and side streets can slow you down from time to time, but overall Louisville, KY residents boast 15.4% less time in traffic than comparable cities. You can finally enjoy more of your day without sitting in traffic.

More House for Your Money

Generally, one of the biggest expenses when moving to a new city is the cost of living and buying a home. However, this is another area where Louisville, KY outshines other parts of the country. Homes in Louisville, KY cost on average, 45.5% less than comparable areas within the United States. For those looking to rent a home, you can expect to pay 19.2% less than the national rental average. Affordable costs of living in Louisville, KY has become a significant draw for all types of families and young professionals.

Explore Caves

The entire state of Kentucky is an outdoor lover’s dream. There are state and national parks dotted throughout the state and wilderness around every turn, but what is so special about this part of the country is what cannot be seen above ground. Louisville, KY is right in the middle of what is considered to be the cavern capital of the United States. Moments away, you will find the famed Mammoth Caves and throughout the area there are cavern exploration opportunities for everyone from experts all the way down to those who have never explored a cave before. The Mega Cavern in Louisville, even has a zipline inside the cave system, so it is definitely something you should do.

Performances Everywhere

A quick stroll through Louisville, KY will take you to many different sites, but what you will also see is a variety of performances. Street performances are seemingly everywhere in Louisville, KY. These performers have become an important part of the society here and locals embrace these amazing individuals with open harms. Not only are you introduced to street performances of all varieties, Louisville, KY is home to the Actors Theatre of Louisville. This venue hosts countless events and performances of all varieties and has become remarkably popular with actors, playwrights, and directors throughout the country.


Every major city seems to have one area that is devoted to artistic individuals and hipsters. Louisville, KY is no exception to this rule and boasts a hipster area known as Bardstown. It is difficult to describe exactly what Bardstown is and everyone who visits seems to find something different to enjoy. This part of the city is simply a place you will have to go and experience for yourself, but it certainly should not be missed.

Storage Units to Help You Move

When moving to a new location, you need all the help you can get. You may have an ample amount of family and friends to assist with the move, but once you arrive, you will have to set up house. Setting up house requires a log of organizing and what better way to assist in organizing your home than with the help of a storage unit. Storage units in Louisville, KY allow you to store valuables, seasonal items, and more without clogging up your home with clutter. A storage unit is essential for having an easy move and ideal for all your organization needs.

Baseball’s Namesake

Baseball would be nowhere without the addition of the Louisville Slugger. The year was 1894 when the Louisville Slugger was invented and this bat changed the course of professional baseball forever. The bat is still manufactured in Louisville, KY and not only can you go to the factory to see these professional grade baseball bats made, you can explore the museum and learn all you need to know about America’s pastime.

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One Word, Bourbon

You cannot go into Kentucky without seeing bourbon. Bourbon is a staple of the state. Make no mistake about it, Kentucky Bourbon is like no other whiskey. It is not just your average sipping whiskey. Bourbon is an excellent ingredient for savory dishes and desserts as well. A bottle of bourbon in your pantry is essential in a Kentucky kitchen.

Moving to Louisville, KY will offer you many job opportunities and time with family. With a lower cost of living than most areas of the country, Louisville, KY is a significant draw for a variety of individuals and families. This city provides excellent entertainment opportunities and plenty to keep everyone in your household busy and happy throughout their day.

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