What To Do For getting an Indian Visa?

Unique passport with a half year’s base legitimacy, as at the date of visa accommodation. No fewer than two (2) clear pages should be identified. The visa should be added to a duplicate (Page no. 2 and 3). All old travel documents with the structure of the request should be presented.

Two (350×350 pixels) shading a picture with a white foundation on the whole face at least three months of age

Residence confirmation: duplicate of National ID Cards and utility bank charges such as electricity, telephone, gas or water charges (not over half a year old)

Professional confirmation: company certificate. Duplicate Ident in the case of understudies. Confirmation of financial adequacy: international Travel Card such as SBI Travelcard/refreshed bank proclamation* (most recent multi-month proclamation) of unfamiliar cash comparable to US$150/– each candidate (Endorsement* should not have exceeded one month per hour of accommodation).

* Visa dismissal explanations for a visa request will be considered for fake dollar subsidies.

The BGD Registration No online visa application structure for expedited passport renewal.

Applicants would be needed to review and transfer the photograph in the allotted place provided by the online application structure. Applicants shall make sure their date of birth and place of birth aligns with the date of an older identity, NID and birth certificate for the current visa. Every older visa should be presented on the day of accommodation and treated as fragmented without any old passport application. The Bangladeshi passport bearer accepts all Indian visa classifications on a walking tour. Within eight days of completing the structure, the application structure should be filed at IVAC focus.

Where can I request a visa?

  • Visa to travel
  • Declaration of NID/Birth,
  • Duplicate the most recent bill

Support of the bank/dollar (Endorsement should not be more than one month at the time of stay)/Worldwide active Card of Visa/Travel

  • Call for proof
  • Last duplicate ID and all old visas

Comments: Normally, the travel industry/family members/voyage etc., have given up to 90 days for a period in India.

N:B: Parents/lawful guardians of a minor child under 18 who are studying Visa to India are eligible for entry visas, and guardians of young people over 18 are eligible for a Tourist application.


1.Online Apply

Securely complete and submit your request for visas.

  1. Documents submitted

Present your request to you.

Registration at or at the Indian Mission Indian Visa Application Centre.

  1. Receive passports, visas

Candidates can complete the structure of their online application by clicking on the tab below. If the structure is completed and submitted, the candidate must print the completed structure of the application and sign and submit the actual duplicate together with the supporting records and the Indian visa application center (IVAC) passport or directly on the planned designated dataset at the Indian Mission.


Form for online request: 

This format of application is intended for that outside of India who applies for a visa.

Each online application structure is designed for just one person’s Passport and visas. For each candidate, a separate application must be requested.

Data accurately matches the structures sought, in particular the names, address and date of birth.

Applicants must check the subtleties of the application before submitting their application online. They have an alternative to save the structure of their online application if they are not allowed to submit anything. Once the candidate has established the online application format, further alterations will not be authorized at that point. Candidates are then specified before the presentation of their online application structure to verify and approve the intricacies.

Requirements for photographs

The applicant can transfer an advanced self-photo to complete the regular visa application online India Visa application.

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