What makes a successful recruiter?

Successful recruiters are proactive recruiters. They are perpetually looking for strategic ways to work better and quicker. They aim to produce quality work. And they use recruitment software CRM to help them achieve their goals. And they use a well-featured Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a CRM software to help them achieve their strategic tasks.

Proactive recruiting

Recruitment agencies need proactive recruiters if they want to build a solid market reputation and company brand. Recruiting is a tough and competitive industry. The work can be taxing without the right strategy and tools to support them. Proactive recruiters are the only ones who will routinely experience success.

But what is proactive recruiting? The most simplistic answer lies in candidate sourcing.

Talent sourcing is a huge component of recruitment. The staffing industry cannot afford to wait around for the right candidate to be an active job seeker. Thus, proactive recruiting means taking a hands-on approach to sourcing, identifying and engaging skilled candidates.

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Recruiters must invest a good amount of time searching for individuals whose talents and skills are likely to align with the industry the recruiters cater to. There are numerous factors involved here.

Finding an individual –

  • With a specific skillset
  • In a certain job role
  • In a particular geographic area
  • With relevant experiences

Recruiters must locate such people, reach out and engage them, and build relationships with them. This work is targeted to place them in appropriate roles in the future. It can take months to cultivate a trusting relationship or for an individual to find any offer appealing.

Recruitment software and proactive recruiting 

Recruitment software CRM greatly advances proactive recruiting. Every step of talent sourcing – finding candidates, engaging them, nurturing a relationship, and finally matching them with a role – requires a recruitment software solution.

The software is also valuable in streamlining the workflow. Hiring comprises multiple tasks and activities. It can become hurried and chaotic. But adopting a recruitment CRM to aid the process from start to finish ensures that everything is orderly and well-managed. A streamlined workflow is essential to a productive recruiting desk. It saves recruiters from wasting time on unnecessary tasks. It accelerates efficiency and promotes team collaboration.

These days digital recruiting has taken over the industry. The global virus outbreak led to the emergence of prolific remote recruitment activities. Without recruitment software and its invaluable characteristics, the staffing industry would have been confronted with another challenge.

Proactive recruiters and their recruitment agencies who were already using powerful CRM solutions could easily adapt to the changing circumstances. Such powerful software offers features and functionalities that integrate easily with other software solutions that cater services like –

  • Video scheduling
  • Skills testing
  • Social media platform
  • Safe online signature

These are fundamental to conducting remote recruitment. Video interviews completely supplanted face-to-face meetings. Skills testing software proved to be indispensable when recruiters had to deal with a sudden influx of candidates in the market after many unfortunate redundancies. And since physical meetings were out of the question, online document transfers and online signatures became beneficial and more frequent than before.

Modern technology has many useful features to offer users. Recruiters need these tools if they want to actively pursue better recruiting techniques. Proactive recruitment relies on utilising recruiter skills and leveraging the power of different recruiting tools to optimise the best hiring techniques.

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