What is web design? What does a web design agency do?

We dedicate ourselves to these central questions and the information about the web design & SEO agency Schneider on this page. First, let’s clarify what web design is. 

Web design company Singapore is the part of media design that deals with the design of websites, websites and homepages. A distinction is made between structural, functional, and visual design. Customers perceive the visual aspect of this. A web design agency has to create a visually appealing and creative site; structure and functionality play a major role. Other aspects that an agency should consider are user-friendliness, barrier-free websites, and search engine optimization. A successful web design is characterized by a suitable page structure and an orderly page structure. The design should fit the website owner and reflect the corporate identity (CI) of the customer. 

Time spent on Internet pages:

When creating the page, the customer should think about it. What does the customer want to be able to see and read quickly and directly? On average, a user stays on your website for 40 seconds (source: Nielsen Net Ratings). There are two ways to increase this time when building the website, content should be put online directly that will keep the user on the page for a long time. Or even more, intensive work is being done on the content with SEO (search engine optimization).

How does a web design agency work?

An agency creates a strategic concept for the design of a homepage for your customers. 

After extensive analysis and initial ideas, and the overall concept is planned in addition to the general page structure (menu navigation and sitemap), technical considerations are discussed and planned. Should the page be programmed individually or is a suitable content management system (CMS) used? Once the goal of the website has been determined, structural and technical considerations, such as a shop system, are implemented.

After coordinating with your CI and logo, we create a basic design that can be changed in several coordination meetings. In these discussions, the content is discussed and prepared. Which texts have to be written? Any media content (e.g. images, videos, tables, and graphics) is prepared so that we can create the content.

This content is prepared for three different presentations (responsive design). After all, the website of our customers should appear perfect on PCs, tablets or mobile phones. In some cases, special content is created for mobile devices.

After an extensive test phase, the website can be published and is encrypted by an SSL certificate. Web design & SEO agency Schneider does not only offer the creation of a web design in this context. We maintain and maintain all pages created by us so that the customer pages are permanently secure and well maintained. Our price model is tailored to this!

10 good tips for designing a website

  1. Visitors and target groups are central

The central questions for the website arise from the target group and the visitors. What do visitors to the site expect and how can I quickly make the content clear? As a rule, users do not have time and do not stay long on the website if the content is poorly prepared. Thus, the web design must be geared to deliver concrete, direct and immediate content.

  1. Offer solutions from the visitor’s point of view

When presenting one’s own products or services, they are often presented too intensively and in too much detail. The question is rather, what is the visitor interested in, what would he like to see? So a customer is looking for B. looking for a way to treat wounds and not a manufacturer’s ointment. Accordingly, in addition to the presentation of the services, it must be clear what they can be used for.

  1. Current content

The content of a website must be regularly and permanently maintained and updated. This leads to a higher ranking on Google. In addition, the visitor is offered good, up-to-date content and is technically up-to-date. That is why we only offer our customers permanent support. Your customers will thank you if you are also “up to date” on the Internet.

  1. Quality beats quantity + gaps

The website needs sufficient space for the content. I. E. We design your website in such a way that there is sufficient space between the elements and that the content is of high quality. We concentrate on central elements and their interesting presentation.

  1. Responsive web design

A Web development company Singapore make website must be designed for various end devices. In the past few years, three main display sizes have emerged: desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. Accordingly, the web design should at least be optimized for these devices. In addition, there are other modern trends that should be observed. Some web designers speak of responsive web design 3.0. For example, an agency should use the website for exceptional devices, such as B. optimize smart watches or implement special technologies such as the AMP project.

  1. Interaction as the basis for customer acquisition

The visitor to a website must be captivated. Our task is to create offers on the website that bind the user to the page that captivates him so that he does not leave the page. Together, ideas and widgets should be found that invite the visitor to participate. Every visitor who visits your site with pleasure becomes a conversion, becomes one of your customers.

  1. Different media

Variety stimulates business! The visual and design area as well as the prompting character increase qualitatively when a homepage is equipped with many different media. Web design agencies incorporate YouTube videos or develop their own interesting images and design new types of website elements to increase the length of time a page is spent. In 2020 it was already evident what will be implemented more in 2021. Homepages that mainly use videos, but also lots of pictures, diagrams, or even PDFs, will rise in ranking and have higher visitor numbers.

  1. Legal security and credibility

A professional homepage is serious and credible. The design and content of a website should appear honest and credible. This includes a legally clean imprint, an extensive data protection declaration and a clear design with no hidden traps.

  1. The user has to get there quickly

What many people take for granted is far from being well implemented on every side. The user has to get to his goal quickly. A user quickly goes to a page and leaves again quickly if he cannot get the information he needs quickly. We develop websites that are characterized by a flat hierarchy. We ensure that visitors get to their destination quickly.

  1. Good menu structure and presentation

One menu is the map of the website. This must be simple, clear, and well presented. The quick and easy navigation through a page leads to satisfied visitors. Smart navigation is geared towards the target group.

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