Want to Purchase UGG Boots? Here are 4 Factors to Focus on.

Buying footwear can be a real hassle! When you invest money in something, you expect it to provide the correct fitting. But when it comes to making the purchase, most people are unaware of what kind of boots to pick. 

UGG boots are the quintessential Australian trademark used by the shepherds in the late 1800s. Today, it is more of a fashion statement. With the global footwear industry growing at a CAGR of 3% between 2021 and 2026, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 

If you are also planning to purchase mens UGG boots, here are 4 factors to consider beforehand. 

Origin Country:

When purchasing new UGGs, you need to ensure that the final product you receive is Australian-made. Today, there are multiple companies in the market sourcing goods from China and other countries. Therefore, always check that you receive genuine boots. 

The difference between purchasing classic Australian UGG and a fake will be pretty evident. Here, each footwear item is handmade and not created in mass production factories. As a result, you get premium quality shoes that last a long time. 

Sheepskin Thickness:

You will find that most UGGs in the market are available for a lesser price than the original sheepskin cost. It implies the usage of fake fur. A-grade sheepskin might cost you a pretty penny but will be quite thick and fluffy. 

Fake boots will feel comparatively thin and won’t bend just as easily. These are made of synthetic material and are not prone to provide any genuine warmth in most cases. Hence, you should ensure that you get at least 16 mm of fur layer that does not come off when rubbed with the other shoe. 

Intricate Details:

When you spend a significant amount of money on footwear, you expect it to last for years to come without any repairs. Therefore, you must always check your mens UGG boots for finer details. Firstly, check that the shoe sole is correctly glued to the bottom part. 

The boot is made from substandard material if you can see an uneven glue pasting with an irritating smell. Additionally, carefully check it for scratch marks, loose threads, sharp corners, or small holes. If you find any of these things, you have probably received a pair from the discarded lot. 

Colour and Size:

Last but not least, you need to ensure that you pick the right shoe shade. Traditionally, you will find that most UGGs are available in light cream-ish or a beige shade. But today, there are multiple colour options for you to choose from. 

When finalising the purchase, refer to the size chart. When you receive the boots, you might likely find the fitting tight. However, it is beneficial to purchase a half-size smaller because these shoes are known to expand after wearing them a few times. 

Final Words:

Ugly but comfortable! Yes, that’s what the UGG boots essentially mean. They were first used by Australian shepherds in the late 1800s and are still known for providing maximum comfort and warmth. 

The genuine product can be a little expensive but will last for years. When purchasing mens UGG boots, you should check their origin country. Side by side, focus on the finer details and the sheepskin thickness. 


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