Vacuum Cleaner Types and Buying Guide in Kenya

The following article looks at the types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. The report highlights what makes each vacuum cleaner different. It also looks at the pros and cons of each vacuum cleaner.Vacuum cleaners are essential in keeping houses clean. This article analyses thecleaners and allows the reader to choose which is best for them.

The Five Primary Types of Vacuum Cleaners in Kenya

Buying a vacuum cleaner looks like an easy task, but one needs to consider a lot. Vacuum cleaners help owners keep their houses clean and pleasant for themselves and their families. There are five types of cleaners available, and each comes with its specific functionality. The right cleaner depends on the expectations you have of the gadget.

The five types of cleaners are canister, stick, upright, robot, and handheld.


The canister vacuum cleaners work well on hard surfaces, carpeted areas, and stairs. The gadget comes with a separate canister that is attached to the long wand on the device. They are also equipped with retractablecords and suction hoses,thus enabling easy maneuvering. The receptacle and motor have their separate unit to allow easy versatility, flexibility, and maneuverability.

The pros of canister vacuum cleaners are the flexible hoses, the bag and the bagless options, and strong suction. The consare that it is not suited for huge floor surfaces, and its two-piece design is hard to maneuver concurrently.


Stick vacuums, or sweeper vacuums, are lightweight and can be handheld. Most of these devices have dirt cups and not bags for the collection of debris. The cleaners are suitable for small surfaces such as closets.

The pros of the gadget include the long handles that make it comfortable to use and their excellence in cleaning. Moreover, some of the devices are battery-powered. The cons are that it is not suited for cleaning deeply, is not suitable for carpeted areas, and has a small bin capacity.


The upright vacuum cleaner is perfect for huge carpeted areas. The upright vacuum cleaner price in Kenya depends mainly on the brand of the gadget.The devices loosen and remove dirt using motor-driven brushes.  The cleaners may or may not have a bag to capture the debris and dust.

The advantage of upright vacuums is that they are powerful and can clean wide paths. The cons are that they are hard to use under furniture and are heavier than the other cleaners.


These vacuum cleaners are gaining popularity as they do not require a lot of effort from owners.The gadgets enable one to save time and can reach spaces other cleaners cannot reach. They are compact, cordless, and clean with a lot of precision.

The pros of robotic vacuums are that it is programmable, can move around obstacles and can navigate rooms alone. The cons are that it has to be charged before use and is not suitable for area rugs. The robotic  vacuum cleaner price in Kenya is also very high.


Handheld vacuum cleaners are cordless and portable and thus ideal for small spaces. The gadgets are battery-powered and perfect for cleaning minor spills. The cleaners can also be used in cleaning cars and tight places.

The advantage of handheld vacuum cleaners is that it is lightweight and can be easily maneuvered. The con is that it does not have as much power as other models.


The right vacuum cleaner depends on the owner.. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. To get the best device, you have to buy the one that satisfies your expectations. The different features make each cleaner perfect for a specific job.

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