Top 8 Best Apps to Watch Live Sports for Free of Cost

If you want to watch sports from anywhere, anytime, then you must need an app that streams sports. Well, if you don’t know any free app that streams sports free, then you should consider the ones that are on my list. I have mentioned some sports apps that are free and easy to use where you can watch all kinds of live sports for free. And, you can also watch sports and win rewards from 토토사이트 website.

Best Live Sports Streaming Apps

These are the top free apps that you can use to stream live sports:

1. Live NetTV

It is the top app that you can use to stream live sports for free. At the same time, the app has over 700 channels that you can watch. Its video quality is excellent, and you can also watch other things as well. It allows users to download videos of sports and other things without any cost.

2. Sony LIV

It is a handy app too for steaming sports. That is because this app allows users to watch sports like football, rugby, races, and martial arts. However, the app is made for Indians. But, you can still access and watch sports with the help VPN app. You can also find similar proxies from 1337X. However, click here for better options

3. Show Sport TV

It is another excellent app for streaming sports of all categories. Now, the best thing about this app is that you can watch all sorts of live sports along with movies and shows. It has a user-friendly interface, and it is free to use as well.

4. Swift Streamz

You will find many sports channels from various countries in this app; channels from the US, UK, African, and Asian countries. And, it will be an easy task to live stream sports through this app. Its video quality is excellent too.

5. Mobdro Sports TV

The app is top-rated that is because it allows users to live stream all kinds of sports. At the same time, they can also watch movies and other stuff with this app too. It is free and user-friendly, and its video quality is excellent.

6. Sports Angel

The app is my personal favorite. That is because it is an all-in-one app that will allow you to watch all sorts of live sports like football, baseball, tennis, basketball, races, and others as well. And, all these are free of cost. But, the app contains ads that I suppose won’t bother you much.

7. Genius Stream

The app is a great one and offers many excellent facilities like streaming all kinds of sports for free. Yes, with the help of this app, you can live stream sports from the US, UK, and other countries as well. It has a clear and simple interface, and it also contains other stuff like movies, shows, etc.

8. 365Scores

It is also one of the best live sports streaming apps online. That is because the app allows users to live to steam all sorts of sports for free of cost. In the meantime, it will enable users to customize their own sports channels.


You can download one of the above apps to watch live sports without spending money. These apps are available on the internet.

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