Tips to make a wig look natural

When it comes to wigs, the life span of a wig depends on different factors. Environmental in which wig is used and maintenance are some major factors by which you can increase the life of a wig. Whether it is a natural hair wig or fake hair wigs, by following the right steps a wig will look more natural.

Below we have discussed some of the important points on how you can make your wig look natural. You few minutes of reading can help you save a lot as wigs are not meant to be bought again and again. It can be hefty for some people to buy a perfect wig for them. No matter what wig you are going to buy such as burgundy bob wigs, preuvian straight wigs, these tips can be very useful.

The average life span of a depends on its use and maintenance. With normal maintenance, a wig would have an average life span of 3-4 months. Whereas by maintain it properly, it can last up to 6 months or even a year. The wigs, not loos as same as they were out of the box. With every wash and use, its looks start fading. If you are trying to use a synthetic wig for over 6 months you should be very keen, as it can be noticed at a glance.

Know the points to properly maintain your wig that is as follow.


A wig must be washed after 6 or 7 weeks while if you work in the field it must be washed after a couple of uses. Many people do not wash wigs as the use it occasionally buys with the time, the preservatives and shine start tearing off. If you want your wig to look natural, you must take out some, time for it.

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Never wash the wig with hot water, use cold water as recommended by experts. Even mild heat can destroy the wig, do not use a blower, or straightener on your wigs. Wash and rinse them with your hand.


Wig hairs are very sensitive and slight chemical interaction can destroy the wig. A mild shampoo for your hair can be ruinous for the wig hairs. Use the right washing product for your wig, whether it’s a natural hair wig or a man-made hair wig. find the product according to its material. Never keep your wig in a warm place. Do not use the common comb for curly hair wigs as it will break the hairs or stitches.

Use brushes specific for wigs, it will also keep the wig hairs in the right place that make its look even natural. AS an additional tip, you must get two of the same wigs for which you should find wholesale bundles. So if your one wigs have to be washed, you can use two. If you are a regular wig user there cannot be any other better tip than this.

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