Three Simple Steps to a Five-Star Residence

Beautiful and luxurious hotels sound cool because of their specialities like bouncing and comfy beds, perfumed toiletries,  luxury bathrooms, soft pillows etc. This is what fascinates us the most when we travel somewhere out of the city. The luxury provided by these places cannot be observed at homes, Which is not true. By making a few changes, you are good to go. Your house can be seen as a five star luxury hotel and yes this is not just a dream. Here are a few ways to achieve your dream house style:

1. Design a striking living room


In a five star hotel, what intrigues the most is the type of seating. The chairs, ottomans, tables, etc are always luxurious.  A person tired from whole day work would need a comfortable space to relax and spend his quality time. For this purpose,  five star hotels have the type of furniture for you to relax. This can also be achieved at home. Nowadays, luxury and beauty together make a great match and can be placed at home. They not just provide a comfort zone but also make your house look more appealing. 


Lighting of bouse is one of the key features to enhance the beauty of your place. vintage style lamps, sconces, pendants, golden and silver lighting add a glam to your house. Also, a chandelier can be placed if needed. 

2. Prepare a high-end bedroom

The appearance and feel of a hotel’s bedroom is the most significant feature: a luxurious, welcome, comfortable, and stylish place ensures a satisfied customer. Consider your bedroom as a peaceful sanctuary as well and go for rustic bedroom ideas


Add a sturdy topper mattress to make the bed very comfy and make it an ideal sanctum for a pleasant night’s sleep. Then add plump cushions, nice cotton sheets, and a comforter to complete the look. You might even go with allergen-free duvets for a relaxing vacation-like sleep. Finally, drape an embroidered or attractively printed bed cover over the entire bed. You might also layer some multicolored cushions on top.

Storage and furniture

On either side of the bed, most hotel rooms feature sleek side tables with a writing pad, a bedside light, or a lovely flower arrangement on them. If you have extra space surrounding your bed, consider adding a side table and a writing desk, along with a comfortable chair. If you have a television in the room, you can conceal it behind a lovely armoire or cabinet. This cabinet might also be used to house a mini bar for a special occasion.


May we offer a mirror-finished sliding door wardrobe, a teakwood wardrobe, or a style with glass panels that give the closet a streamlined aspect and provide depth to the room? You could also add a pull-out ironing table to one of the cabinet doors, similar to what you’d see in most hotels.

3. Create a bathroom that feels like a spa.

Hotel restrooms always appear to be spotless and fresh; it’s a relaxing environment that you almost want to leave alone. Install a designer bath tray and fill it with essential oils, bubble baths, soaps, and sea salts if you have the luxury of a bathtub. Bring in a nice, comfortable mat for your feet. Stack your favorite products in the shower, including shower gels, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, scrubs, and body mist.

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