The Problems with Call of Duty Warzone’s Anti-cheat Program

Warzone players rejoice! Activision is releasing a new anti-cheat program that will help your gaming experience a lot better. However, this amazing program has more than what meets the eye. It’s essential to take note of what we are about to tell you because this program might be more detrimental to your overall experience. It can affect lives and, for some, their business as well.

There are thousands of players in Warzone who are cheating. At some point, Activision had to ban 50,000 players from cheating in just a week. To say that cheating in Warzone is rampant is an understatement. It’s a full-blown epidemic. To combat this, the company started to invest millions of dollars into an anti-cheat program. This program is known as Ricochet.

What Is Ricochet?

Ricochet is an anti-cheat software that utilizes a kernel-mode driver. Essentially, a kernel-mode driver can access your PC’s memory whenever you play Warzone. Reading this part can already be a red flag to some. However, it’s a necessary evil to combat cheaters. So how does software combat cheating by having access to your system’s memory? It combats cheating by looking into third-party programs that you might be running alongside Warzone.

All cheating software is third-party software, and by having access to your system memory, Ricochet will know whether if you have such a program on your computer or not. Furthermore, having access to your memory can help the program label you as a cheater or not. This deters cheaters from creating a new account and cheat again.

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Information Sensitivity

The first problem we have to consider is that this program has the ability to access your computer information. That’s problematic to many. It means that it can know the hardware you are running, its specs, your data files, and so much more. Given in the wrong hands, sensitive information can be leaked to the Internet without you knowing about it.

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Given our need for personal security, especially on the Internet, this should be a problem for many people. Some Redditors have even argued that a considerable portion of Activision is owned by Chinese-ran company TenCent. Because of this, Ricochet is being used as a spy program by the Chinese government. Although there is no proof for such assumptions, it’s deterring some players from trusting the software.

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Performance Issues

Another problem that many players know about such software is the performance issues that come alongside it. First, Warzone is a file that is already more than 100 GB. With added patches and Ricochet itself, it becomes more than 200 GB of files being installed in your computer. Secondly, such anti-cheat programs have been related to frame rate issues and screen stuttering.

Take the recently released Loophole, for example. It’s using Denuvo as its DRM protection policy, and much like Ricochet, it also collects system information so that the game can’t be pirated. This has led to multiple performance issues, even for the best gaming computers around.

So this is a problem in itself. There’s a likely possibility that during the first release of Ricochet, some consoles and computers might struggle. It might even come to the point that even the high-end gaming PCs for sale might work hard to run it. Sure, it can be fixed by getting a better PC or maybe a few patches in the future, but it will still problem for a while.

So What Does This Mean for Cheaters?

Despite everything we’ve told you above, the Ricochet anti-cheat system is still a solid one ahead of its time. It will drastically reduce the number of cheaters playing Warzone and make their lives a lot harder. But some businesses make these programs, with some having little intention to cheat.

Remember when we said that it can affect businesses? There is an entire industry based on cheating and the exploitation of programs so that they can be used for cheating. It will make companies within this sector struggle, which can be a good thing for some, but people in this sector rely so much on making such programs that they can easily lose their entire livelihood.

Also, how about companies that create programs with no intention of cheating but are exploited in such a way? Well, those companies will be judged the same way cheating companies are judged. Ricochet does not discriminate. If it considers you as a cheater, you will be labeled as a cheater.

Ricochet might seem like the anti-cheat software ahead of our time, but it’s still problematic software nonetheless. Its ability to have access to system information and perceived performance issues means that it’s not the perfect anti-cheat software. But it’s one we certainly need.

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