The happiness of trekking on Mausuni Island, weekend trip in the holiday mood

Due to the corona, homeless people are now a bit more travel oriented. Whether it is Digha or Darjeeling, he leaves home at the end of the year searching for some open air. Someone’s favourite senior gold trip is known. Someone has put adventure on the list of favourites again. But where is the adventure at hand on a low budget? But the only answer will undoubtedly be Mausuni Island.

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Mausuni Island is currently one of the top tourist destinations in Bengal

Mausuni Island is currently one of the top tourist destinations in Bengal. Recently tourists are choosing this island as a cheap treat at hand. This destination can be reached overnight or for a long time. This location next to Bakkhali is perfect in a word. Starting from adventure, the water jungle in front of the forest fire is a different taste address. There is the advantage of staying in a tent. Breakfast in the morning with a double meal costs only

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1150 rupees per person.
The benefits of travelling Mausani Island

The last few days of the week are the most to get unique benefits by booking in advance. As soon as you enter, you will get a whole dab of welcome drink. Then eat rice, vegetables, pulses and fish. The evening is a little different in a small area surrounded by a forest with a bamboo canopy. The whole tan is decorated with tuna bulbs—Deda’s hangout. In the evening, barbecue chicken will be available only if you pay Rs. The chicken roast will be placed in front of everyone. However, it is strictly forbidden to go out of the island or the surrounding villages on horseback. The people of the village do not like these tourists very much

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