Solve Your Blocked Drain Problems with These Tips

Dealing with a drain that won’t drain can be quite frustrating. Unfortunately, it’s something most people experience at least once in their lives.

While the situation can be annoying, there are effective ways to try to unblock the issue yourself.

How to Clear a Blocked Drain

Clearing a blocked drain doesn’t have to be impossible. Some of the most effective solutions to try are highlighted here. Click Here: f95zone

Boiling water

An easy method for clearing clogs caused by conditioner, grease, and similar items is to use boiling water. That’s because these substances have a low melting point, and the hot water will likely melt them enough to get them out of the way and get your drains moving again.

Natural cleaners

Another safe and effective solution is natural cleaners. Using baking soda and vinegar in your drains may help to fizz the clog away.

Caustic cleaners

You can also try store-bought drain cleaners. While these are often effective, they usually contain toxic chemicals dangerous to breathe or get on your skin. If you go this route, make sure to use caution.

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Believe it or not, some clogs will break free with a plunger. Just use the plunger the same way you would in the toilet, and you may notice your drains flowing once again.

DIY drain snake

Are you feeling crafty? If so, use a metal hanger or another piece of wire to create a makeshift drain snake. You can use this to go into the drain and try to fish out what has caused the clog.

Plumbers drain snake

If you need a more professional way to clear a clog, call a plumber who will bring along a professional drain snake. These are more sophisticated than the makeshift model you put together and are usually more effective when clearing a clog.


If nothing seems to work, it may be time to call a plumber for a CCTV drain inspection. A small camera is inserted into the clogged drain and pipe to find the issue with this option. Once the problem is found, a plan of action to eliminate it can be formed.


Sometimes, a clog needs a bit more encouragement to “get out.” Using hydro-jet, which is pressurized water sent into the pipe, may be all the encouragement that’s needed.


If the issue is serious, the only solution may be excavation. With this, the part of the pipe where the problem exists will be removed and replaced.

Pipe Relining

Sometimes, if the damage is not too serious, pipe relining can be done. With this, the original pipe is lined with a new material to restore its proper function.

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