Shopping For a Car Washing Machine? Read This First

Car washing machines have become crucial equipment to have at home or as a commercial enterprise. In Kenya majority are owning cars, and there is a need to clean them. A machine to wash these cars is required. Car washing machine prices in Kenya vary with the type of machine you require.

Specifications to Check Out When Purchasing a Car WashingMachine in Kenya


Kenya is developing, and the majority are owning cars and business vehicles. There is a need to maintain and keep them clean. Car washing machine prices in Kenya vary from one brand to the other.

There are two types of machines; Domestic and commercial enterprise car washing machines. A domestic car washing machine is a small machine for personal use at home, and a commercial one is for businesses.

When purchasing a car washing machine, there are some features to consider and rule out the type of machine you need.

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Purchase a car washing machine that satisfies your needs. If it is for commercial or personal use, specifications and features are crucial to consider. You need to check the size of the engine, the pressure, length of the hose, brand, and portability.

The following are the features and specifications to consider.

Size of the Car Washing Machine

The size of the car washing machine depends on your needs. For business purposes, the size should be a large machine. For home or personal use, you require a small size. Car washing machine prices in kenya depend on the size.

Engine Capacity

Engine capacity measures in Horsepower. The higher the Horsepower, the more powerful the engine. It is suitable to buy a car washing machine that has high power. The powerful the engine, the greater the job. Car Washing Machine Prices in Kenya vary with the engine capacity and size.

Water Flow Rate and Pressure

The high water flow rate encourages accomplishing the task of washing the car very fast. When the water flow and pressure are high, the work becomes easier and faster. Most machines with can gain pressure of up to 150bar.


The brand of acar washing machine prices in Kenya is important. Purchasing a brand of high quality keeps the washing machine for a longer period hence productivity.

For business purposes, it is crucial to have a quality machine that will have a smooth running of the business. A low-quality car washing machine will have low or zero profit due to maintenance expenses.


When choosing a car washing machine prices in Kenya, portability is an important feature to check out. The light in weight car washing machine will enable you to move it from one place to another.

Those washing machines with heavy engines come with mounted wheels for easy movement. For easy carrying , they have handles

Length of the Hose

The Lenth of a hose is important so that you are able to move around the car. You will not need to carry the machine around when the hose has enough length. Therefore, when selecting a car washing machine prices in Kenya, ensure the hose has enough length.


A good car washing machine should be in good condition and of quality. You should purchase a car washing machine with specifications and features highlighted in this article. Select a car washing machine that is easier to use and carry.

Purchase a pressure washer machine that is of quality for long-term use and productivity if it is for the business. Buy from a trusted supplier and a quality brand.

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