Prevent rodents and mice from entering your home – A few DIY tips to try out

There are several things we suffer from while living in the US. Among them, we also suffer from too many pests. All over various places in the US, there are flies, ants, bed bugs, wasps, termites, and rodents in abundance. These are some of the irritating pests that make your living miserable. Hence, it is not a surprising fact that 85% of homeowners suffer from various pest issues of one type or the other. If you are looking for safe pest control methods, then it’s recommended that you call for professional assistance.

Among various pests in and around our homes, mice and rodents are the most common and also the most problematic. Before you rush to seek the help of a rodent control Detroit firm, here are a few DIY tips that you may try. 

  • Mousetraps can be an effective solution

For households that have been infested with too many rodents, the most effective solution is often to lay mouse traps. If you want to be humane with your approach, you have to try out those new bait stations that trap rodents without harming them. There are multiple humane traps available in the market and hence you don’t need to worry if you’re an animal lover who is being irritated by rodents. 

  • Clear off the backyard, lawn, and garden

Are you interested in cleaning up your house? If you do, you need to pay attention to your backyard too. Clean up anything from clutter, garbage, dense debris, or even fallen fruits so that there’s nothing that can attract the mice into your area. Keep foliage and bushes away from your home as they provide a perfect shelter for rodents. 

  • Clean every corner of your home to stop attracting rodents and pests

When it comes to rodents, prevention is better than cure. You’re probably going to save yourself all the trouble when you avert mouse infestations. This is why you should maintain a clean house as this is the main ingredient that you need to keep in mind. Mice and rodents usually enter your home in search of food and they’re always looking for breadcrumbs in your kitchen. So clean up any leftover food in your kitchen, lest it attracts rodents. Store food carefully, seal up the boxes and store food items in durable containers. 

  • Bring in a pet cat

Any homeowner who is suffering from the eerie feeling of too many rodents occupying his home will know the benefit of bringing in a cat at home. The feline friends of yours are born-hunters and you can be sure they’ll throw away all mice once they enter your home. Cats are considered the best mouse deterrents. Let them roam around freely in and around your home and soon you’ll not find a single mouse. 

Despite following all the above-mentioned rodent prevention tips, if they still invade your homes, you should immediately call a professional rodent control company. They have the best-proven medicine that could have a surefire impact on sending off rodents from your house.

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