Playing Football as a kid

Unfortunately, a very common tendency is that at the age of 12-16, someone starts to stand out from the rest of the guys. He is more talented, something is easier for him, they start to invite him to the national teams and he stops plowing and giving 100%. It seems to him that it will always be so and that he is already better than others. Plus, the age is when the partying drunken begins and they can be much more interesting than training. A man ends up with football at the age of 17, although he was more talented than the rest. Peers who lagged behind him quickly catch up and overtake him, because they plow and do not “star”. As a result, out of 2 Moscow teams, in which I played at the age of 14-15, 5-6 guys from 30 people played professionally at a high level. The rest reduced their demands on themselves and gave up football.

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How did Ronaldo start and how did he become one of the best footballers in history?

Here, we will tell you an excellent motivating story about the best football player of our time, according to our designer (if you disagree with him, write about it in the comments), Cristiano Ronaldo.

It all started at the age of three, when little Cristiano was presented with a soccer ball, with which he played all day long. Parents noticed in him an incredible love for this subject and that he was able to handle it.

At the age of 8, his parents sent him to the Nacional sports club, where over the years he grew and developed. By the age of 11, he was noticed by the Lisbon Sporting scouts and invited to their academy. In Lisbon, there were no relatives or friends, so little Ronaldo had to rely only on himself and the faith of his parents. By the age of 12, coaches noted that he could easily beat adult defenders, and even then they predicted a bright future for him. But no one imagined that it would be so bright.

The next couple of years, the future world and European champion played the role of a ballboy, bringing balls in training and matches of the main team, then he was transferred to the bench, and then in a test match against Real Betis he was released for 20 minutes, where Cristiano brought with his goal victory for Sporting in the match.

A question that arise in mind is “Do I need to go in for sports, football, especially professionally? And what if you fail to play at a high level?”

My opinion is that it is imperative to go in for sports, including playing sports and not only sports. Any developmental sections, circles, courses for children and adolescents. The child should be busy with something other than school. In the 90s, this was very important if the child had no classes other than school, as a rule, children spent time in attics and basements doing destructive deeds. If the child is busy, then he will not have time for bad things.

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