Most Common Misconceptions You Might Have Heard About Astrology

Astrology and horoscope are used to get accurate details about the events that will take place in our lives. The concept of astrology has been there for many ages, and it is yet considerably misinterpreted.

When looking at and reading the horoscope in newspapers is really enjoyable, it does not express the whole meaning of this great tool. Astrology allows every individual to control their life in some way, and at last, to fulfill their own fate. However, to put this critical map to use, there are some myths or false impressions that should be eliminated. Get the best consultation with astrologers in Mumbai to clear your doubts related to astrology and horoscope.

Common Astrology Myths

  • Astrology is nothing but only a pastime

A lot of folks like to read daily horoscope readings and see it only as fun. In fact, astrology is much more noteworthy than entertainment.

Vedic astrology is comprehensively based on rebirth and Karma. It is a general belief that when somebody dies, their spirit comes out of their body. According to Vedic custom, the subconscious mind goes with the spirit as an element of the package that holds an individual’s emotions, experiences, wants, memories, and accumulated Karma. 

The subconscious mind simply exists; it does not understand what is right or wrong and has no coherent skills. The soul needs to join a body to put any of that information to employ. This automatically takes place, and the subconscious mind decides when you will take birth. It will also choose the birth place, the birth time, and the parents you will be born to.

By this logic, your natal chart is the seed of contingency of your Karma that has awakened an execution point and has created your fate in this life. Basically, this is your accumulated Karma. Suppose your birth chart demonstrates that the seed of contingency of your Karma is an apple seed. 

Now that indicates that the seed is possible to turn into an apple tree and nurture thousands of apples. This is the potentiality of all natal charts. It exhibits the seed that can attain its fully-developed fate to bear the fruits of your Karma. In essence, your birth chart is the outline of your fortune that is written in a language that can be understood by an astrologer in Mumbai.

  • Astrology can foretell or change your fate

This is the most dangerous myth assumed by common people about astrology and horoscopes. In contrast to common belief, the key intent of astrology is not to presume what will occur in the next moment, week, month, or year. Rather, it is designed as a guiding device that lets you make mindful choices and keep away from the ditches in life. Astrology intends to assist you to remain lined up with the oneness of the cosmos. While you are not lined up, and everything is constantly going wrong, astrology can guide you to make good choices.

Many of us believe that an astrologer in Mumbai can bring a change in their fate which cannot be possible. An astrologer is a human being, and a human being has not formed your fate. Therefore, he can’t change your life or fate. Things that are responsible for the creation of your fate are your accumulated Karma and subconscious mind.

  • There is a little magic or paranormal activity attached to astrology

People who do not have faith in astrology write it as something secretive. But the reality is that astrology is only rooted in how the cosmos looked on the day you took birth. The natal chart is the crucial element of astrology. It is prepared using the info related to the time and place of your birth. The natal chart or birth chart itself is an impression of what the celestial bodies looked like at that time.

Astrology is also known as Jyotisha, which means “science of light” in the Sanskrit language. This is essentially the light of the celestial bodies that reaches our planet. These celestial bodies can be the moon, the sun, and other planets of the solar system.


Those were some popular myths related to astrology that people have in their minds. Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Keep exploring to learn more about various types of astrology that exist. 

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