Is having a pet reptile worth the cost and time?

Ask any reptile owner and they’re certain to say that having a pet reptile is absolutely worth the time and money that goes into caring for them. These unique animals offer a one-of-a-kind pet ownership experience that can be just as rewarding as a traditional dog or cat. Here’s a more in-depth look at all the reasons why reptiles make great pets (even if there’s research and a bit of a learning curve involved).

Reptiles Are Low Maintenance

Reptiles are highly independent creatures. As such, they don’t rely on their human keepers for much else beyond food and warmth. As long as you keep their tummies full and their enclosures situated with the proper warm, cool, and basking temperatures, there are few other demands your pet reptile will make of you. They don’t require company or toys to keep them entertained and for most species, enrichment in the form of a box to hide in or some branches to climb would suffice. 

Reptiles even manage to make feeding an easy and, dare we say, convenient chore as well. How? They don’t eat as often as warm-blooded animals. This means less of your time is needed to be spent feeding (and acquiring food for) your pet. Adult snakes only need to eat once every 10-14 days! Other reptile pets such as lizards and turtles need to be fed more often, but typically only once per day and in very small portions.

Incredible Variety of Appearances

If you view pets as an extension of yourself and care about their appearance, reptiles are the perfect pet choice. Many reptiles have what’s known as morphs, variations in color and pattern from the species’ normal appearance. Some animals like the ball python have literally thousands of different morph combinations to choose from. 

In addition to reptiles’ superb ability in being able to match your aesthetics, morphs add an extra fun layer to pet ownership. Certain morphs are more coveted than others, and finding reptiles with those traits is like stumbling upon a rare collectible. And regardless of why you want a beautiful pet, no one can argue that reptiles make for really cool displays that are akin to that of living art.


You can’t put a price on happiness, but it’s impossible to deny that financial feasibility will influence your decision for a potential future pet. Fortunately, this is another area where reptiles excel. Many of the same benefits of a reptile’s independent, non-domesticated nature also spell out cash savings on your bank account. Reptiles don’t require babysitters when you go out of town, they don’t require treats to incentivize them to behave, and there’s no worry that they’ll go around wrecking furniture. Plus, they don’t eat much and average feeding costs can be as little as around $15 a month. 

There’s a lot to love about reptiles. If you’re a person that loves animals but doesn’t want a pet to upend your current lifestyle, look no further. You can find plenty of reptiles for sale online at specialty pet shops with the best selection of exotic animals. 

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