Is excellent customer support vital for recruitment software users?

Modern employment hiring involves the use of different software systems. From recruitment software at the forefront to other recruiting tools like skills assessment software and video calling software, recruiters are expected to be familiar with these essential devices.

However, not every individual is tech-savvy. So, while recruiters apply the advantages of recruitment CRM software into their daily working life, it is inevitable that they will come across technical issues that may halter their flow of work. Great customer support from the software vendors will always remain extremely vital for this reason.

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If you have been assigned the responsibility of selecting a good recruitment software for your agency then it is imperative to consider great client service as a vital indicator of a good software partner.

Three key reasons why poor client support is disastrous

Staffing agencies utilise their chosen recruitment agency software every single workday. This tool carries immense value. This is why, if there is any problem – big or small – the immediate instinct can be panic and then rushing over to the software support team.

No one expects to meet with bad customer care. But that is actually quite a common occurrence. Businesses cannot afford to put with continuous poor support from their software partners. Here are three main reasons behind abandoning a supplier who needs to step up their support system.

1. Complicated features can lead to ignoring the software

If a recruitment CRM solution is popular for its great features but the functionality is extremely difficult for most recruiters in the agency to navigate then it is bound to get side-lined and collect dust somewhere. This is a waste of money invested in the software and a waste of potential that can be achieved through the smart use of recruitment agency software.

2. It holds back progress at work

Recruiters are often dealing with a hectic day of work. There are candidates to manage, new job adverts to write, monthly reports to analyse, etc. And because recruitment software is a tool used every day, complications with the software has adverse consequences. If the vendor’s customer service is inadequate, then it seriously affects the daily workflow and results.

3. Incompetent vendor support wastes precious time

Poor customer support also includes dealing with incompetent support staff that can cause recruiters to lose valuable time. Software suppliers must have knowledgeable and capable staff who can quickly deal with all the various issues that may arise with the software.

Finding excellent customer support from recruitment software suppliers

Staffing agencies should keep the bar high when it is time to measure the suitability of a recruitment software supplier to use. And excellent customer care and support must be a priority instead of an afterthought. No more overlooking how important client support is!

Research, reviews and directly asking questions are great methods to start with when assessing the support quality. Decision-makers should not neglect negative reviews or testimonials on customer assistance as it can easily be the situation the agency can find itself in one day.

Observe the speed with which client problems are resolved, whether customers complain about having to call incessantly before there is someone on the other end of the telephone, etc. This helps comprehend if the quality of the support is inferior or exceptional. Being careless about research in this regard can be costly later.

Good recruitment software is powerful when it is backed not just by great features but by an excellent customer support system.

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