How to Select the Suitable Water Pump

Wherever there is no steady supply, you will need to seek alternative sources of the precious commodity. To have water from a source, pumping becomes necessary. This article will try to explain the things you need to consider while selecting or deciding about the choice of pumping machine to use.

Pumping water can be a costly affair without the right preparation and machine. The kind of pumping machine chosen will largely depend on the needs of the user plus the available budget. Care should be taken not to spend a lot of money purchasing a machine that you probably don’t need.

Before making the final decision on the kind of machine to purchase, there are several considerations to be made. The following are the major points to note when considering the machine to use.

 Your needs

This is one of the most important aspects to consider while choosing a machine to pump water. Different machines are best suited for different types of work. A farmer who wants to irrigate crops needs a different machine than a plumber who wants to pump water to a holding tank.

Some pumps are used for heavy-duty pumping while others are for light duties. Knowing exactly what you need the pump for will inform you on the amount to budget for a machine and the necessary accessories needed.

Pump power type

The majority of the water pumps available in the market are either gasoline, electric, or solar-powered. You will need to decide on the kind of power to use in a pump bearing in mind the kind of work you need to be done.

Solar and electric-powered pumps are normally for light to medium pumping duties, but they are also relatively cheaper. Gasoline-powered pumps are meant for heavy-duty pumping, but they are more expensive.


For those new to pumping machines, you will need to establish the quality of the machine you intend to use. Some brands have been in the market for longer and they have been tried and tested, hence their quality is assured. For new pump owners, these are the brands to go for. Knowing the quality of the pump will also ensure that your purchase money is wisely spent on the pump you require.

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Suction and discharge rates

Before deciding on the kind of pump to use, you must also consider your water source and the distance water will be pumped. Suction distance is the distance between the water source and the pump, while discharge distance is the final destination of the water. Different water pumps have different suction and discharge capabilities and it will be upon you to choose which pump best suits you.

Flow rate

This is the amount of water a pump can deliver at a time. It is usually measured in cubic meters per hour (m3/h). The more powerful the pump is, the higher the rate of water it can deliver. Be sure to know exactly the quantity of water you want to be delivered before deciding on the choice of pump.


Before deciding on the kind of pump to use, the above points should be carefully considered and evaluated. To make a good choice of pump machine, take time to know your needs and the budget available when looking for the best water pump prices in kenya. This way, it will be easier to purchase the machine you need and want.

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