How to Choose the Best Lawn Mower for Your Lawn

An appealing environment will most definitely have a beautiful look, which entails keeping every aspect of available features looking neat and well maintained at all times. This is especially true of the lawns around our homes and fields. These are insights into the factors we should consider when purchasing equipment to help us maintain the grounds accordingly.


In striving to maintain a magnificent and neat environment, different tools and equipment are adapted for use to ensure that unnecessary bushes and overgrown grass is maintained at a minimum height. In order to achieve this, a number of manufacturers exist, who have made available efficient machines to help maintain neat and clean lawns. One can argue if the goal has been achieved or not but the importance of these machines is not debatable.

When going out in the market to seek an efficient equipment, to effectively maintain the lawns, the following are factors that one should undertake due diligence on:

Size of lawn

It is advisable that, if the environment is hilly or the size of the lawn is large, then a self-propelled machine will be suitable. When the size of the lawn is extensive, a riding machine would be efficient, while a push type mower is permissible if the lawn size is small, this type of mower is cheaper, easy to maintain and makes the least noise.

Type of grass

The types of grass such as fescue and bluegrass, are not cut shorter than a height of 2”, electric or gas power-driven rotary lawn mowers would be suitable in this case, because the circular blade cuts from a protective covering. At the same time choose a gas-motorized reel mower in case the lawn is large and made up of bent or Bermuda grass, which should be cut at a height less than 2″. To avoid clippings, choose a mulching mower.

Lawn diseases

Lawn disease is a very serious issue, the diseases are commonly spread by hired mowers that have been used in different lawns, it is therefore advisable that people invest in their lawn mowers to prevent diseases, such as lawn fungus, which comprises; dollar spot, leaf spot, mildew, and brown-patch lawn disease, from other lawns spreading to their lawns. Visit Here: ifun tv

Cost price

Lawn mower price in Kenya is determined by its level of efficiency and the features that it has.

A sleek design and a shiny outlook, adds for nothing, instead, verify first what it is capable of achieving. Also, seek for information about its specifications and pertinent features. The mower cost should not strain your financial capabilities too. Manual mowers are cheaper than the motorized ones.


We can therefore effectively gather that the cost of the mower is not very important from the above considerations, as it is possible to start from the manual push mowers, then gradual upgrades undertaken later, to the motorized mowers. The issue of lawn diseases is also seemingly a critical. Therefore, the movement of mowers from one lawn to the other should be kept at a minimum, if not discarded altogether.

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