How to buy linen clothes online

There are a plethora of choices while looking for clothing online. You need to browse through a couple of websites, and voila, the clothes of your choice are right at your fingertips. It is best to keep a few things in mind when buying linen clothes online, as all linen fabrics are not alike. It is essential to distinguish between the types and make the right choice. A few tips for you are suggested below:

The thread counts of the fabric

The quality of the linen is determined by its thread count. It also helps decide the intended use of the fabric you choose to purchase. While buying linen clothes online, you need to go through the thread count and list the property mentioned in the description. You must know linen usually does not have a high thread count as it is derived from thick fibres of the flax plant. Typically, the best quality linen is likely to have a thread count between 80 and 150. If you see online stores selling linen clothes with a high thread count, it could be a cheap linen blend trying to be sold as the original fabric.

Look for the country of origin

While all websites do not reveal the country of origin, it is best to opt for linen clothing from those who clearly mention it. The mention of the country is a vital indicator of the quality. Belgium, Ireland and Italy have a reputation for producing high-quality linens. The luxury-grade linens are known for their durability. Your clothing items made from such fabric will remain timelessly stylish and outlive any fashion fads.  

Don’t forget to check the colour

When browsing through different clothing options, make sure you focus on the colour of the fabric. The colour needs to be uniform in the linen fabric. You also must know that high-quality linens have a classic look. They are mainly opaque instead of the gauzy or flimsy look found in the inferior ones. The edges and lines are free from stains and smooth. Coloured linens must be rich and even coloured with no sign of discolouration on the clothing.

Weaving details

It would help if you were extra careful while buying linen clothes online and understanding the weaving mistakes. It is not necessary to have an expert eye for details; an idea can easily be formed about linen quality by getting a good look at the fabric. You must go for purchase from the websites that provide clear product images. It is natural for linen to have natural slubs as it is developed from the combination of both thick and thin threads. You can still distinguish between the natural texture of the weave and any unintentional irregularities. 

Texture and stitch

High-quality linen is characterised by its strength. The tightness of the weave means that the texture is smooth, with fewer gaps or pores in between. Tight weaves are a mark of linens with high thread count, and hence, it feels softer on the skin. The fibres on the linen clothing that are barely visible are the ones you should buy.  

Loose fibres and threads visible on your cloth is a sign of poor quality linen and neglect. Purchase those items where the seams and edges are stitched in even, smooth and tight lines and no hanging bits are visible.   

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