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How can we get more followers and likes on Instagram?

Instagram currently has over 1 billion users around the world. The app is a social network owned by Facebook. Instagram stands out above all as a social media. It showcases user videos and photos. In this article, you will see how to increase your number of followers.

The interest of followers on Instagram

Among social networks, Instagram has an engagement rate of 5% (80 times higher than Facebook). The platform attracts the interest of companies in its potential. Instagram indeed allows the practice of digital marketing. An Instagram post can launch a professional career, a product, a cause. This shows the interest in having a good number of subscribers.

Instagram is one of the popular platforms for influencers. These showcase products or places of interest. This digital marketing concerns “Instagrammable” articles. A buzz will undoubtedly increase the visibility of your products. Influencers can add video content. You’ve just discovered some of the benefits of subscribing to Instagram. The question is: Cómo conseguir más seguidores y likes en Instagram?

How to get started with Instagram?

It is possible to increase your number of followers manually. You will need to keep the very nature of Instagram in mind. It remains a social network all the same. A credible profile will be the basis of your account.

Here are the tips for getting started:

Refine your bio with a profile picture. Photos should generate interest. Adding dull images will mark the lack of engagement from your followers. Following other users will increase your visibility. However, it is important to respect the ethics of the network. You will therefore avoid phrases or expressions such as “follow me and I will do the same”.

The content shared depends on each user. But we will advise you to refer to quality photos or videos. Instagram will also give you the opportunity to discover talents in different fields. He can inspire you. Use it appropriately for your needs. Filters also help your visibility. Changes in contrast or increased temperature in photos attract more attention. They tend to make users react. However, we advise you to keep some of the authenticity of your photo.

Captions are your way of interacting with your followers. A neat and adapted legend hangs on. You can ask a question, state a fact, tell an anecdote. The goal remains to encourage user reaction. The timing of your posts matters. Defining the time at which your targets are active becomes necessary.

Increase your number of subscribers manually

How to increase your number of followers after creating an account?

The quality:

Instagram is all about perfection. Indeed, users of social networks criticize him for this aspect. The best accounts publish quality photos or content. The media undergo studies and retouching (filters) before their publication all this with the aim of attracting the eye and prompting a reaction. A smartphone is enough for quality photos. You will need to be careful to frame and adjust the light.

A personality:

Personalized content attracts listeners more. Storytelling, “unique” videos are eye-catching. A place or a place will have already been used for thousands of photographs. To stand out, add hashtags, your own captions to differentiate yourself. Captions rich in emotions are effective.

Promote your Instagram account:

There are several ways to enhance your Instagram account. You can insert images or links from your Instagram on your blog. You will promote it your way. It is also possible to share a link from your account (an image, a post, or a video) on your Facebook. This will earn you at least ten subscribers.

The importance of hashtags:

The hashtag is well known on social networks. It allows you to categorize publications by topic. This feature will make it easier to find your post. You will need to intelligently operate this system. A famous hashtag may make your post invisible. This will be the same with a hashtag without a user. 

Creating your own hashtag can be interesting. However, you have to be careful to make it popular. Inserting your hashtag in your profile on physical media (receipts, business cards, etc.) will increase its visibility. Both online and offline campaigns will be necessary for the success of your communication.


Geolocation is a feature built into your smartphone. Activating it will immediately add the location of your photo or video. Places of interest or famous on your publication remain a way to gain visibility and get further details about comprar seguidores y likes en Instagram? I invite to click on this highlighted link and visit our profile.

What is an Instagram bot?

This will make your presence dispensable. The bot will be connected to your Instagram account. Its goal is to pretend to be you. It will perform subscriptions and unsubscriptions automatically. It will treat the “likes”, or mention I like on the publications in the same way. The bot remains under your control, however. It is up to you to configure its operation. A bot works 24 hours a day. Its use, therefore, corresponds to a saving of time. It will also increase your subscriber numbers on Instagram. However, it acts according to predefined parameters. This can lead to botching the quality of your content.

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