Healthy Hair Tips and Common Mistakes to Avoid

How Can I Have Healthier Hair

Having healthy and shiny hair is everyone’s dream! Our hair is part of our body that everyone recognizes first. And healthy hair radiates a whole different energy that makes people think better of us. Having good-looking and healthy hair will also boost your confidence in your social life. These are usually why people prefer hair transplant in Turkey. If you have a receding hairline, hair transplant in Istanbul is one of the safest options. In order to avoid having to go through an operation, try these simple tips:

●   A Better Diet

A healthier diet is of great importance for hair health, just like any case of health. Strong hair requires an adequate amount of nutrition. Consuming more iron, omega 3 and protein is crucial for hair health.

●  Taking Care of Your Scalp

You should pick hair products that will cleanse and strengthen not only your hair but also your scalp. Your scalp is where your hair grows. A scalp that does not get enough attention will cause nothing but weak hair. You might use shampoos that contain natural oils, like coconut, avocado, or argan oil. While taking a shower, you must massage your scalp with light moves with your fingers, not nails! You might also use serums that will help your scalp to be moisturized.

●   Using Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos, unlike regular shampoos, clean your hair without drying the natural beneficial oils off your scalp.

●    Choosing the Right Pillowcase

You might have not heard it before, but your pillow and pillowcase are of great importance when it comes to your hair health. While you are sleeping, your pillow rubs against your hair. If the pillowcase is not well-chosen, your hair might weaken or break. You might consider switching to silk or satin pillowcases that will minimize friction and let you have healthier hair.

●   Less is More!

You do not need to use numerous products on your hair to have healthier and shinier hair. In fact, using fewer chemicals is much better for your scalp’s health. You just need to use the right few products. Choosing the right shampoo and moisturizer and masking your hair once in a while will be more than enough.

Common Hair Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Cleaning or drying your hair might not seem effortless. So, why isn’t your hair as healthy or strong as you wish it was? In fact, many of us are probably making a lot of mistakes that could damage our hair and are preventing our hair from looking healthy or strong.If you believe you are doing everything you could do but still not have the hair of your dreams, you might be making some of these mistakes, too! Here are some of those common mistakes listed for you to reconsider your hair care routines.

●  Gathering Hair Too Tight or Too Often

Many people believe that gathering your hair at all times will prevent hair loss when, in fact, gathering hair will most likely cause excessive exertion on your hair and, eventually, lead to more hair loss. There might be situations when you need to collect your hair, of course, but you must be careful not to gather it too tight since it will cause a lot of stress on your scalp and cause your hair to fall out a lot.

●  Washing Your Hair with Hot Water

Many people believe that since hot water has a big cleaning effect, washing your hair with hot water will help prevent harmful materials from dying that will lead you to have healthier hair. Actually, hot water does not only remove the harmful materials on your scalp but also damages the beneficial oils, too and causes your hair to be very dry. Therefore, using hot water for washing your hair is, in fact, very damaging to your hair health. Cold water, too, dries out your hair. Thus, it is best to use warm water for washing your air. That way, both your hair will be cleaned and the beneficial natural oils in your hair will be protected.

●  Washing Your Hair Too Frequently

You might be thinking washing your hair as much as possible will clean it and help you have healthier hair. This is what most people believe and apply, actually. But it is on the contrary very unhealthy to wash your hair every day. Washing your hair too often will cause your hair to be dried out of beneficial oils that are secreted by your scalp and damage your hair. So, scientists generally recommend you wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week.

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