Getting the Best Lawn Mowers in Nairobi

A lawn mower refers to a machine fitted with a revolving blade or blades to acquire uniformity when cutting the lawn. The machine comes in two different categories though in many designs to suit specific purposes. However, the two major categories involve lawn mowers identified as rotary mowers. They have blades that rotate on the vertical axis. The other one is reel mowers. The reel mowers’ blades rotate on horizontal axis. In this article, I will give a detailed description of the various types of lawnmowers.

The machine which either operates as a self-propelled or a ride-on has undergone a great transition. The process of cutting grass has evolved from the traditional hand-guided to modern automatic electric mowers. The resulting feature is that the lawn uniformity is achieved at an incredible speed hence higher productivity and time efficiency. Before purchasing the lawnmower it’s good to understand the type that suits your needs and they are as follows;

Hover mowers

The hover mower is equipped with an impeller above the blade that facilitates pushing off the air downwards when in operation. The function causes the machine to lift off the ground ensuring the hovering of the grass. In addition, most are fitted with a plastic body that supports easy maneuvering while working because of the lightweight. Steep terrain is the ground that is most used with this kind of lawnmower

Walk-behind mowers

The user of the lawnmower pushes the machine from behind using handlebars and the walk-behind mowers are either electric or fuel-powered. The blades of the machine are present on the front side and available on two versions namely rotary or reel. The rotary lawnmower is adjustable to suit different lawn heights thus flexible to most people. Though, depending on the nature of the power source the lawn mower prices in Nairobi varies with others costing higher than the rest.

Ride-on lawnmowers

The ride-on mower is a small tractor with a designation that includes a driver’s seat and steering control. However, it best suits professionals and people with health complications, particularly back problems working in large areas. Those who work in large areas frequently also find this machine helpful. The operating system in the machine comes as either manual or automatic transmission.

Robotic mowers

The robotic mower operates without any human supervision but upon the well set up of the guiding border wire, it performs the task effectively on its own. The machine, although not everyone is conversant with it, is gaining popularity and can work for longer hours as opposed to the normal human push. Check honda gx35 brush cutter for handheld push mowers.isaimini


To sum it up the types of lawn mower are many but the buyer should check on the specifications to ascertain its worthiness. Moreover, the other factors that may shape your purchase decision include; portability, cheap power source, energy-efficient, and low operational costs. Whether for residential or commercial purposes there exists different sizes and doing thorough research to find out the type that matches your expectations. Before making a purchase it’s worth evaluating the type of machine to ensure value for money.

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