Factors to Consider When Purchasing Safety boots in Kenya

In any job operation, safety should come first. When working, you are exposed to various risks which may lead to accidents if not taken into considerations. In most organizations and workplaces, you are required to have closed shoes to protect your feet. There are special boots which provide you extra protection.

Safety is essential in a persons’ life both at work or elsewhere. When injured, you cannot perform your activity as expected. Your feet require protection in a workplace for effecting working. This article provides vital factors to consider before choosing boots that safeguard your feet while at work.

The comfort of the boot

Purchase a boot that will not pinch your feet. The toe caps of the boot should not be pressing your toes. The boots are of different sizes ranging from small size to large sizes. Choose the ones that suit you. When these boots squeeze your feet, you may end up injuring your feet. Before buying the boots, it is necessary to test them first if they fit you.

Quality and durability of the boot

Boots are of different qualities. Higher-quality safety boots are more durable than lower-quality ones. Although the high-quality boots will be expensive than the low quality, they will serve you many years without replacing them. As they stay a long time without replacing the boots, you will have saved your money.

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Foot condition

People whose feet sweat when they wear closed shoes produce a foul odor when you remove the shoes. Worry no more; there are special boots for you. Look for moisture boots composed of wicking synthetic material that aid in drying or draining the sweat away from your feet.

Type of tread of the boot

Tread and outsole materials are key factors to consider for safety shoesWorkplaces have different floors and indoors. For the wet or oily floors, you will require a smaller tread and a tighter designed boot to prevent you from slipping and falling.

Boots with rubber outsole are resistant to acids, oils, and slips; hence, having them will give you extra stability. Boots with shallow tread are good on grass and mud walking surfaces.

Type of the toe caps

Different boots have different toe caps. The toe caps protect your toes from getting crushed. The most common toe caps are steel toe caps and composite toe caps. The steel toe cap is used in construction sites, electrical fields, manufacturing sites, and other workplaces prone to falling items.

Boots with composite toe caps are appropriate for people who pass metal detectors frequently, like airport employees and security personnel. The composite toe caps do not conduct heat or cold; hence they are suitable in extreme temperatures. The composite toe caps are believed to be lighter than steel toe caps.

Wearing boots for safety purposes will safeguard you against numerous potential risks. The boots have different types, prices, qualities, durability, tread designs, and toe cap types. Before you purchase the boots, you should consider the condition of the workplace to avoid buying the wrong kind of boot. For more information, visit

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