Engagement ring: which model to choose?

Engagement ring: which model to choose?

Who says engagement, says engagement ring. If the future groom can choose the wedding ring and the solitaire ring himself, he can also let his future bride choose the ring of his choice in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. In this case, he usually offers a jewel at a mini price to his dear and tender when he asks for her hand. It is then the lucky one who chooses her “real” jewel, and the choice is not made lightly. Before choosing your engagement ring, it is essential to have a well-defined budget because if the choice is vast, so are the prices. Which stone, which metal and which style to choose? We take stock.

The most beautiful engagement rings spotted on Instagram

As soon as the marriage proposal is made, the brides-to-be are proud to wear their precious diamonds and are eager to share their engagement ring on social networks. Favorite of the editorial staff.

A diamond engagement ring

Symbol of purity and eternity, the diamond has always been very popular with women. Its quality, and therefore its value, is defined by its size, weight, purity and color. It also has the advantage of going with all skin tones, all styles, but also with other jewelry. The diamond goes perfectly with settings in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, silver … Magnificent proof of love, the diamond engagement ring can be mounted as a simple solitaire or on a ring adorned with a paving. In fact, the De Beers, Chaumet and Piaget jewelry houses offer various models, all sumptuous, with a ring set with diamonds, adorned with a solitaire or even a “pear” diamond. The house Deloison Paris offers, for its part, eco-responsible models because the brand works only with recycled gold certified COC and diamonds of ethical origin certified GIA or HRD.

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How to determine the quality of the diamond?

With the 4C method (“carat”, “cut”, “color” and “clarity”). The carat, first of all, is the unit that measures the weight of a stone: it is equivalent to 0.20 grams. The larger a diamond, the greater the number of carats. Size is also essential, as are color (the colorless the diamond, the more quality it is judged to be) and its purity: the more inclusions a diamond has, the less valuable it is. The diamond is always delivered with a gemological certificate which is its identity card, a document which certifies its authenticity and integrity.

Engagement ring: Ruby, sapphire, emerald?

If the diamond is a timeless piece of jewelry, it can be sublimated by stones, often less expensive than diamonds. Know that each gemstone has a symbolism. The emerald is for example the symbol of hope, the ruby ​​of happiness and passion, the sapphire of fidelity and wisdom, the amethyst of happiness and sincerity … It is also said that colored stones capture energies better. Aquamarine, for example, neutralizes negative waves.

Once the stone has been chosen, you must now select the alloy. If most brides-to-be choose a white gold engagement ring, it is also perfectly possible to opt for a yellow gold ring, which is also very refined. We love the warmth of yellow gold which knows how to sublimate all skin colors. Associated with a diamond, yellow gold contrasts with the whiteness of the stone and brings even more intensity to the creation.

Where to buy a yellow gold engagement ring?

If the Maison Cartier offers incredible models of engagement rings in yellow gold, Maty and Marc Orian are perfect for smaller budgets.

Very popular alloy for engagement rings, white gold is timeless and very easy to wear on a daily basis. More discreet than yellow gold or pink gold, it naturally connotes elegance through the sobriety of its color. We like to associate it with colored precious stones to give it even more sparkle. He knows how to sublimate rubies, sapphires, but also semi-precious stones such as amethyst, tourmaline or topaz. Depending on your tastes and desires, you can opt for a classic solitaire, a very simple jewel with a refined design, fall for a model with a single stone, or prefer a mixture of several colors of precious or semi-precious stones.

Where to buy a white gold engagement ring?

Gs diamonds revisits the engagement ring every year and brings it even more elegance, as with the Bee My Love model which is simply irresistible. Want modernity? Gs diamonds offers contemporary and refined rings. More classic? Gs diamonds will certainly have the ring of your dreams!

Delicate and very fashionable in recent years, rose gold immediately brings an additional touch of femininity to jewelry. Atypical, it allows jewelers to offer original and refined creations. More discreet than yellow gold, warmer than white gold, rose gold is ideal for all women looking for an original engagement ring that knows how to blend into the skin, to remain easy to wear on a daily basis. Its reflections enhance the brilliance of the diamond and match perfectly with garnet, citrine, black spinel or aquamarine, for a more intense contrast.

Where to buy a rose gold ring?

Gemmyo offers lovely pink gold models such as the Clélia or Arabesque models. Maison Van Cleef & Arpels has even made it its trademark and offers us an anthology of absolutely divine pink gold rings, just like Marc Orian who offers this very pretty ring combining pink gold and diamonds.

Simple and dazzling, loners are the embodiment of love and are worn for life. These rings which highlight the stone, remain the essential choice of future brides. In white gold, white gold, yellow gold, or in diamonds … Gs diamonds have selected for you the most beautiful rose gold diamond engagement rings that are sure to make you fall in love!

Whether in gold or silver, solitaires topped with a diamond or a precious stone make women fall in love with marriage proposals. Discover these exceptional rings to find THE solitaire that will never leave your ring finger. Gentlemen, we give you ideas among the novelties …Click Here: kuttyweb

When choosing your engagement ring, you must already think about your future wedding ring. It is indeed preferable that the two jewels are well matched. Many brides-to-be opt for a solitaire diamond on a white gold or platinum ring, for example, whether or not set with small diamonds. If you want more originality, why not opt ​​for a solitaire enhanced with one or more micro-pavements of diamonds, or for a trilogy, a ring set with three diamonds? You can also choose a double, wide, or even two interlocking rings. In addition, some jewelers offer engagement rings surmounted for example by a flower or a knot set with diamonds, a heart-shaped stone… A trend that is attracting more and more future brides. However, most brides-to-be prefer low-cost wedding rings, in order to emphasize THE engagement ring that goes with it. Our selection of wedding rings for women under 1000 euros:

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Celebrity engagement rings

Many stars are also choosing a colored stone. Kate Middleton, for example, was offered Princess Diana’s engagement ring made of an 18-carat Burmese sapphire. Eva Longoria has opted for a ruby ​​surrounded by diamonds. As for Meghan Markle, she unveiled the ring that Prince Harry imagined for her: a white gold ring set with three diamonds, one from Botswana and two from a Lady Di brooch. Click Here: AntMovies

Some stars like Emma Watson or Jessica Alba swear by Kimaï, an ethical jewelry brand with synthetic diamonds whose goal is to promote the most total transparency in the diamond industry and luxury jewelry. The brand has just launched its first collection of engagement rings that are as pretty as they are refined!

However, the choice of color, but also of shape (round, triangle, pear, etc.) remains personal. So, give free rein to your desires. Also note that it is sometimes better to stay reasonable and have a smaller stone, but of better quality. Also, if you have a family stone and you don’t like the setting, you can have the stone reworked by a jeweler. Do not hesitate to make him a sketch of the ring of your dreams or bring him a photo of the jewel you would like him to be inspired by.

How much to spend on an engagement ring?

Of course, everything will depend on your desires, the alloy and the stones you like, but also on the jewelry house you choose. Several factors are taken into account, such as the chosen metal (gold, silver, platinum), the presence or absence of stones, their weight, the finesse of the design and of course, the seller’s margin. Engraving is often included in the price. There is therefore no precise answer to this question. However, we know that on average, the Australian spend 700 euros for the engagement ring according to a study conducted by Gemmyo in 2014, and the Ile-de-France spend an average of 1,060 euros. For a slightly cheaper model, consider semi-precious stones, which bring an original sparkle to the creation, while being much less expensive than a diamond or a sapphire. Note that there are a whole bunch of brands of engagement rings that offer models at low prices (less than 100 euros), this is the case in particular of Edenly, Maty or Swarovski. However, if you want to offer yourself or be offered a unique or tailor-made model, of course, its price will be much higher.

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