Costume Wig Care and Wear Instructions

Are you figuring out how to care for and use your new costume wig? Please take a deep breath. This write up will show you precisely what to do. It’s one of the fastest and simplest methods to get into your costume character appearance when it comes to hairdos. Don’t rule out wearing a wig to get an authentic look for your character, and costume wigs provide a wide range of benefits, many of which are unique. Hair colour and style may be achieved without altering your natural hair colour or style. In addition to providing a quick makeover, wigs also take little effort and deliver immediate results.

How to Prepare Your Wig

  • Open Up with Utmost Care

You’ll notice that your wig is folded up and enclosed in a hair net when you remove it from its packing. The hairnet should be removed with extreme care and kept away. While you may wish to save the hair net from safeguarding your wig when packing it in its original box or bag, this isn’t a must-have. Don’t be alarmed if your wig looks a little flat and untidy out of the box. Follow these instructions to get the look you want with a few easy actions.

  • Size it Up Properly

To properly style your wig, you should shake it lightly while holding on to the inside wig cap. All of the fibres will be loosened as a result of this. If your wig has been pinned into a particular style, you may skip this step. Shaking will damage that style. It’s time to get creative with the wig’s hairdo once you’ve gently shook it. If you have access to a foam wig head, it is the most convenient method to style a wig, but it is not required. Place the wig on the foam wig head and secure it with a few wig pins if you have one.

  • Brush and Style the Wig

A wig brush or a wide-tooth comb may be used to brush straight wigs. Do not rip out hair strands or damage your wig by roughly brushing it or combing it. A wig may be styled just like your own hair, as long as you don’t use any hot hair styling equipment on the wig you’re using. Never try a hot hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron on a costume wig because synthetic wig strands can melt or become permanently destroyed by heat. If you choose, you may bend your wig using plastic, sponge, or Velcro curlers. The ultimate way to do this is to spritz your wig with a bit of water and then arrange the wig with the desired curlers. 

If at all possible, allow your wig to air dry. Whenever possible, utilise the cold air setting on your hairdryer!

You should never brush curly wigs! Because of this reason, it is best to avoid touching a curly wig. A mist setting on a spray bottle is the most delicate technique to style and shape a curly wig. As you crimp the curls into place with your fingers, you may use a slight spritz of water as a finishing touch. Allow your curly wig to air dry after you’re satisfied with how it looks.

Final Thoughts

A specific haircut in Australia is almost necessary to get the perfect appearance for a particular costume character. Wearing costume wigs is one of the quickest and most dramatic methods to get the hairdo of your favourite costume character! If adequately cared for, it is possible to get many years of use out of a costume wig.

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