Baby Showers: Party Times and Invitation Advice

Baby showers aren’t just for first babies can be held (usually as a “sprinkle”) for kids ages 2, 3, 4 and up. And a “welcome shower” can be held for those adopted beyond the infant stage. These showers are an opportunity to help parents, parents or families prepare to welcome a new child into their lives. .They can be hosted by anyone who can. Although the shower has not traditionally been taken by a successful close family, today, sometimes one is the only wise choice.

Party time

In a hurry, showers are usually performed four to six weeks before the baby’s due date. Parents who receive gifts before birth can know what extras they need to buy or borrow. However, showering can also wait until a few weeks after birth. In fact, some couples-to-be prefer to wait until after the baby is born to receive the gift.

Baby shower invitation

Traditionally, baby shower invitations cards online are printed and mailed. Filling in options quickly became a useful option, and digital invitations are a great option these days. Store-bought fillers come in a variety of designs and can be found everywhere, and invitations can also be designed through sites like or on your computer.

Registration Information

While invitations usually don’t mention gifts, this information can be included in a separate attachment, or because the invitation is for a shower — a party based entirely on giving gifts to help in this new and exciting time — directly on the invitation.

You can also list additional information such as the baby’s gender (if known), or the color and theme parents are targeting/desiring (e.g. “Darren and Seth’s nursery is themed with woodland critters and they are expecting a girl baby.”)

When to send baby shower invitations

Invitations are sent three to six weeks before the shower. This gives the guests plenty of time to respond and get/send gifts if they so desire.

Learn how to fill an an Invitation card for Baby Shower

How to fill out of an invitation for a baby shower isn’t a science, but it’s often overlooked. That’s why we’re bringing you a detailed etiquette guide to create them! Hosting a baby shower is a special privilege, whether it’s hosted by an expecting mother’s friends, family, or (increasingly) the mother herself.

As someone who organizes parties to introduce new life into the world, it’s a role that not many people get to experience. But it’s also a daunting task that can be overwhelming at times.On the surface, a baby shower may seem like a simple party or gathering, but there are many moving elements at play in this wonderful celebration – similar to how many people you want to invite to your baby shower mathematical calculations.

This includes baby shower invitations! Now, you might be thinking.

Well, we’ll tell you. Properly formatted invitations convey important information to guests, such as theme, location, dress code, gift registry, and — most importantly — event dates. So, you should actually start your party planning process by perfecting your baby shower invitation and jotting down all the necessary details. However, before you start creating invitations, know that certain etiquette practices still apply today.

Digital & Paper Invitations for Your Baby Shower

First things first – what kind of invitations will you send?

For most of the history of baby shower invitations, paper shower invitations are predominant. Not only that, technology is not advanced enough to allow their competition (digital invitations) to thrive – paper invitations are an extension of a baby shower decor. After bathing the baby, guests have the opportunity to keep their shower gifts and/or memories. But before you decide to go the paper route, consider the downsides—the biggest one being cost. Whether your baby shower invitation is plain or simple, ink is expensive. Therefore, the printing cost of paper invitations can be high.Then there’s the extra hassle of buying envelopes and stamps and hand-selling each one!

On the other hand, digital baby shower invitations are easy to create and send in seconds, whether via email or other online tools. They are also very versatile. For example, your digital invitations may just be unprinted versions of the paper invitations you have in mind, or they could even be videos or animations.


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