A Quick Guide To Converting Your PDF File TO PNG Image Format

Converting a document from one format to another is essential nowadays, yet many people are having a hard time doing it. When doing it, many people tend to spend a ton of time doing it and even the source of their stress. Although we live in the era of computers, some may lack knowledge about them. That is why people invent tools like file converters.

If you are familiar with how these devices work, then that’s great. But if you don’t know how to operate them, you don’t have to worry anymore because this article is a straightforward guide to help you Convert your precious PDF files to PNG image format. This comprehensive and easy-to-do guide will teach you ways to convert your files.

Essential Things To Know Before Converting

Before proceeding to the conversion process, there are some things you need to understand for the process to run smoothly, without experiencing any problems, and without damaging your file or your device. You should first understand the formats of the files involved when converting PDF to PNG and why you should do the conversion.

PDF or portable document format; this file type is made for people to easily print and share the file. PNG, on the other hand, means Portable Graphics Format. This was created so that an image can be posted on the internet without copyright limitations. People convert PDF to PNG because PDF files are hard to edit and subject to copyright issues.

Now you need to know what are the things you will need in converting. The first one is the file you will convert; you have to make sure that it is not damaged. It is also necessary to unlock your file or remove its encryption for this process to be successful. To do that, you can use PDFBear’s Unlock PDF Tool.

You also need to prepare the device you are going to use in converting; you can use any device as long as it is connected to the internet and it is compatible with your converter, and make sure that it does not have malware.

Lastly, it would help if you understood that glitches and bugs might occur while you are converting your file that could result in the file being damaged; that is why it is necessary to back your files all the time before you convert them. Now that you know these things, you can now continue with converting.

Steps To Follow In Convert Your PDF File Into A PNG Image

There are various ways to convert your files, and there are many tools on the web you can use for this specific job. For This article, I suggest you use PDFBear; it is an online-based platform that does not only convert PDF and PNG files but so much more like PDFA, Word, Excel, and PPT.

First Step

After preparing all the things you will need, you should turn on your device, open your browser and go to the PDFBear website and select PDF to PNG among the options. After that, you should upload your file to the website by clicking on the Select a File icon and choose the file you wish to convert.

If you experience trouble uploading them in that method, there is a second way of uploading your file to their website. You should find your file in your device’s storage and drag it to the space allocated on the web page under the Select a File button.

Second And Third Steps

The following steps will not require so much work because all the work now will be up to the website. Once you are done uploading or dropping the files in the website’s database, it will automatically proceed with the conversion process immediately.

After that, you don’t need to go anywhere and do other things to burn time while waiting because the conversion process does not take a long time to be completed. You will be notified after the conversion is done.

Final Step

In this stage, the conversion is technically done. After being notified of completing the process, you can now proceed to the final step, which is to download your processed file. After that, you can finally enjoy your new and improved file. You also don’t have to delete the file or the history on the website because they will do that automatically.


We are so lucky today that we have the technology that we have in this era. With these devices, we can accomplish even the most challenging task. One of the most performed tasks using computer devices today is file conversion.

Conversion is indeed an easy task, but you need a proper and safe converter to do the job. Using web-based converters like PDFBear gives you an advantage unlike any other converters out there. With PDFBear as your converter and the knowledge you acquire in this article, you can ensure that the completion of the conversion process is a success.

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