A guide to flattering plus-size swimwear

Searching for plus-size swimwear is exciting and challenging. If you want to enjoy your day at the beach and flaunt your figure, you require flattering curvy swimwear. Every woman’s body type varies, and it is vital to look for the one that allows you to appear attractive and glow from the inside out. For that, you need to narrow down your options and make a decision. If you want some tips, you can continue reading this article. Indeed, you will be confident in finding the best one. 

  1. Know your body shape: It is crucial to know your body type because it becomes easy to learn your assets and problem areas. The type of swimsuit you look for can help you show off your assets. There are six curvy body types or shapes: diamond, hourglass, pear or triangle, apple, rectangle, and inverted triangle. 
  • Diamond body type: If you gain fat on your back, hips, lower stomach and buttocks, it means you have a diamond shape body. You might also have fat in your upper thighs, and the widest part of your body is the hips. Since the best features of the diamond-shaped body are the shapely legs and arms, you can ensure to buy a swimsuit that focuses on those areas. But remember to camouflage parts such as the back hip and midsection. After all, those are the areas that carry more weight. 
  • Hourglass body type: To know if you are an hourglass figure type, you must have proportionately balanced shoulders and hips, wide hips and large breasts. Most of the weight in this body shape is gained on the bust and hips. You can wear bikinis that flaunt the breasts and hips. When choosing bikini tops for this body type, an underwire can be more comfortable. 
  • Pear or triangle body type: Having a pear-shaped or triangle body type means that your hips are broader than your shoulders, and you have small breasts compared to the other parts of your body. You must make sure to flaunt your upper body with push-up bikini tops. 
  • Apple body type: An apple-shaped woman has rounded or wide shoulders. Since these body types carry the most weight in their tummy, it is necessary to camouflage those parts. Hence, choosing tankinis is an excellent option. 
  • Rectangle body type: A rectangle body type gains weight equally on all parts of the body. So, it is vital to not flaunt your tummy by choosing tummy control panel swimwear. 
  • Inverted triangle body type: An inverted triangle body type has a wide upper body and narrow hips than the shoulders. To flatter your body type, it is necessary to enhance the hips. For that, you can pick a curvy swimwear bottom with frills, ruffles, or strings. 
  1. Choose a colour: After learning your body shape or type, you must choose a colour that will complement your appearance. Wearing streamlined designs and dark colours means sticking to the traditional look. You can also look for black swimsuits to make you appear slimmer. Additionally, wearing bright colours will allow you to stand out. Solid and multi-coloured bathing suits can accentuate your body type immensely. To make your figure look more appealing, you can wear different coloured tops and bottoms. 

Utilise the prints and patterns: Swimsuits with prints and patterns are trendy, accentuate your curves, and bring a flattering look. You can also search for one-piece swimsuits with prints and patterns on the front for a slimmer look and a longer torso.  Hence, wearing swimwear with printed designs on either side is a great idea.

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