8 Tips on Choosing a Safe Stroller for Your Child

People have plenty on their to-do list as new or soon-to-be parents, and that includes picking the ideal stroller for the child. When looking for the perfect stroller that is lightweight and transportable, one should keep safety in mind. It is usually crucial to heed a stroller’s weight limit and height limits for safety purposes. Some strollers can carry newborns weighing up to 30 pounds, whereas some hold up to 65.

It’s also crucial to consider the maximum age. One should not put a newborn infant in a stroller that has no deep reclining seat or a bassinet since they still need support at their neck at that age. There are so many different varieties of strollers in the industry; it is vital to find one that fits your needs. If one wants extra undercarriage storage, then the individual probably has to sacrifice the compactness and lightness of the stroller.

1. Consider the twin footrest.

A person should avoid strollers with distinct footrests if one is seeking a double side-by-side stroller. The gap between them could trap the baby’s foot, causing an injury. Choose a single footrest that extends the stroller’s entire width.

2. Brakes

The brakes are by far the most crucial safety component on a stroller. Most low-cost strollers only feature rear-wheel brakes. Therefore, if a single brake malfunctions, the stroller is no longer safe. Someone should consider not purchasing an item with two wheels using the same brake system since it indicates that the users will not have an alternative if something goes wrong, which may happen at any moment on a lengthy trek or an upward incline.

3. Reliable dealer

It is undoubtedly essential for a person to know that one should only purchase new baby things from a reputable merchant; however, this is much more crucial when it comes to strollers. It is pretty simple for one to fall into the trap of finding a great price on different brands, but it is essential not to take a chance since this is one item where a person cannot afford to make a mistake. Quality strollers that satisfy all of the necessary safety criteria are only available from reputable baby merchants like Babyhood who are aware of the demands of infants in terms of comfort; hence one can trust everything bought from them.

4. Wide base strollers

It is critical to have a sturdy stroller. A person should search for a stroller that is not likely to tip over easily; therefore, find one with a broad base. Some strollers have a more extensive base when compared to the handles, making them more secure and stable. It’s also vital to seek a stroller with a high back and deep seat; this ensures that the baby is well supported and comfy, even on lengthy excursions.

5. Secure seatbelts

Seat belts and harnesses are must-have components to acquire in any stroller and ought to be used at all times reason being; babies tend to wiggle and move around a lot. Babies can easily slip if they are not adequately secured. A five-point strap is the ideal seat belt to have. They wrap your baby in essential locations, including the waist, in between the legs and shoulders. Wrap up baby blankets and let them act as bumpers if the baby needs some extra support.

6. Storage basket location

A person can use an onboard compartment bin for the gear, diaper bag, or even purchases in the carry-on luggage. However, because of their placement, some baskets may be dangerous to load. One should avoid strollers that include a storage compartment over the back wheels.

7. Easy steering

Some strollers are difficult to steer and need regular correction. When shopping for a chair, a swivel or lock function is an excellent aspect to look for. Most strollers can be turned with a single hand because of the swivel feature. One should utilize the lock function when in need of steadiness.

8. Tight leg openings

When taking a baby in a stroller, ensure that they cannot slip in the leg openings. Unfortunately, this has resulted in strangling because the spaces tend to be large enough for a body. To avoid this danger, one should ensure the apertures are tight or have a mechanism to shut them completely.

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