7 Fun Facts to Learn Before Moving to Aurora

A move is a great way to start over or find your foothold in this wide world we live in. Any move will have its challenges, but it is not just about the challenges, but how well you enjoy your new home. For those moving to Aurora, there is a lot to love in this city and if you plan on moving to Aurora in the near future, keep these things in mind. Shiply is one of the best moving companies. They are reliable pallet  shippers and car transporters

A Population Change

Moving to a city like Aurora has its perks, but for those moving from a much larger and more populated location, it can be a bit of a culture shock. In Aurora, there is a current population of just under 60,000 people and although it is growing, the city maintains is close knit, small town feel. If you intend on moving to this area, you will come to love the small town atmosphere and the general friendly nature of its residents. Do not be surprised if you make fast friends with your neighbors and embrace the small town lifestyle no matter where you are moving from. 

Nature is Everywhere

Aurora is not one of these cities that has been overtaken by a concrete jungle. Instead, much emphasis has been placed on green spaces throughout the city. There are many parks and recreational opportunities, but also vast wilderness to explore. If you are the type of person who prefers the hustle and bustle of city life, Aurora might not work for you, but if you are the type that likes to get out on the weekends and explore the wilderness and be alone with your thoughts, you and this city will become lifelong friends. 

Education is a Priority

Often, small towns get a bad reputation for ill appointed education systems. The lack of available resources in smaller areas mean education can diminish, but in Aurora that is not a problem. The education system in this city is top notch. Both private and public education systems are avidly represented in Aurora with higher than average rankings compared to other cities in Canada.

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Ideal Place to Buy a House

Certain areas, especially large cities, offer homes at top dollar. What you tend to receive in these overpriced cities is average sized homes with virtually no outdoor space. Most people tend to rent an apartment or condo in large cities and simply contend with the inability to have proper outdoor space. However, in Aurora, this issue is not a problem. Homes in Aurora tend to be relatively large with very spacious outdoor spaces. Best of all the homes remain affordable. Aurora was actually ranked on the best places to live in Canada list for 2019 at number 19, so statistics and overall resident satisfaction does not lie.

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Storage Units Can Help

When moving to Aurora, you will most likely have to take some time to get the lay of the land before investing in your new home. In this instance, you will likely have to rent an apartment before purchasing a home. When renting or even if you purchase a small home, storage units in Aurora are a significant asset. They allow you to store seasonal items, so you do not have to clutter up your home and are an affordable addition to anyone needing a little extra storage space. Storage units in the city come in both standard variety as well as climate controlled units, so no matter what you need stored, there is a storage unit waiting for you in Aurora. 

Ranked High in Canada

Canada has a wide range of cities that appeal to a variety of individuals. Aurora has been made to be one of the most beautiful places in Canada, but it is also ranked as one of the wealthiest towns as well. Aurora comes in as one of the top ten wealthiest towns in Canada. That might not sound like the only reason to move to Aurora, but it does not hurt to know you are in a town with some high ranking, influential individuals. Who knows, some of that wealth might rub off on you. 

Diverse for Its Size

When you think of a small town like Aurora, you might not consider how diverse it actually is. Where it is true that the majority of individuals living in Aurora speak English, 65%, other tongues are represented as well including Russian, Farsi, Italian, and Chinese. Additionally, nationalities within the city are vast as well. 23.6% are English while 19.8% are native Canadian. Surprisingly, there are 16.9% Scottish population and 16.7% Irish. Italian residents make up 12.5% of the population. Other nationalities include, Polish, Chinese, Russian, French, and German. 

Moving to Aurora might just be the change of pace you need in your life. Remember, life moves slower here, but it is something that the residents of this proud city enjoy. You will come to love the small town feel and the fact that Aurora is so close to so many other larger cities in Canada. 

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