6 perks of using bongs vs. bubbler as a new smoker

If you are a new smoker who has only used cannabis a few times in your life, you might be wondering – how should I smoke for my next smoking session? Although your friend might be using dab rigs or joints, you need to figure out what makes YOU happy when you smoke weed.

Do you want house indica or Sativa flowers? Do you enjoy having a head high or a body high? Answering all of the most-asked questions is the only way that you can have a positive smoking experience and continue using cannabis in the future. Using the wrong types of apparatuses, equipment, and flower can cause you to get too high or have unpleasant effects – which cause you to never want to smoke weed again. Avoid this from happening by learning more about two very common ingestion methods – bubblers and bongs!

First off – what is a bubbler? This common type of smoking device is a smaller apparatus that you can use, resembling a combination of a bong and a pipe into one. If you are comparing the bubbler or a pipe, it is bigger – if you’re comparing the bubbler to a bong, it is much smaller.

A bong is a fun, exciting, and dynamic smoking method that is the preferred method for smoking for advanced users who want to smoke with friends. Although it has a “bad” rap of being only for those who are very advanced with smoking weed, beginners can easily use bongs after just a few sessions of practicing. Once you learn how to set up the bong, how to clean the bong, and how to rip the bong, you are good to go!

  • Filter out particles – The main benefit of using a bong vs. bubbler is that you can use water filtration to get rid of any harsh or toxic particles that you would otherwise ingest with other non-water filtration methods. If you are using bubblers, joints, or other smoking methods to ingest cannabis, you might end up inhaling harmful toxins that can wreak havoc on your lungs and throat.
  • Cooler – When comparing bongs to bubblers, the second benefit is that you can have a cooler hit that will not cause any damage to your throat – or cause an unpleasant smoky inhale!
  • Fun with friends – The benefit of using bongs instead of bubbles is that you can have more fun with your friends! A bubbler is a good choice if you want to use a portable smoking method with your friends, like in a park. However, if you are hanging out at your house and you want to get high with your friends, then using a bong is the best way that you can share, get very high, and avoid wasting any weed.
  • Strong hits – The fourth reason to use bongs instead of bubblers is that you can have a stronger hit at a is longer-lasting. The benefits are going to be more intense and last longer than other methods due to the size of the apparatus, the weed, and the filtration method.
  • Taste – The last reason to use bongs instead of bubblers is the taste will be stronger and sweeter! If you choose weed that tastes like strawberry, you can expect an intense flavor that is going to knock you off your socks!


Can you use a bong as a beginner? Yes! Once you find out how to use the bong and safely ingest the cannabis, you are ready to begin smoking with this fun, exciting, and great-tasting smoking accessory!

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