4 good reasons to smile

Life is better with a smile, and optimists are said to live longer. And even if not longer – it’s definitely more fun! There is also gelotology, the science that studies laughter and its effects on health. Even if you don’t believe it all, read some interesting facts ciekawostki about how to smile more often.

1. Jokes and anecdotes

No matter what we call short stories with a witty moral, told to improve humor – there is probably no person who would not like them. Once in the press there were sections with jokes and funny drawings, in the 90s in Poland magazines with jokes (including the famous monthly Dobry Humor) went on sale. From time to time we can watch television programs in which the participants more or less skilfully tell jokes.

Anecdotes have a slightly different form from jokes. Funny and supposedly authentic stories about famous people may not be as funny as jokes, but they bring knowledge along the way. A funny story from life may turn out to be the reason why we are interested in the person of a famous actor, writer or artist.

2. Caricatures – witty portraits

Just like jokes, we also love witty drawn portraits, i.e. caricatures. Sometimes they appear in the press, much more often on the Internet. Not everyone knows that the profession of caricaturist is a very rare profession. It is said that there are less than a thousand professional cartoonists in the world. It takes many years of work to become a master in the art of caricature.

Recently, an increasingly popular attraction of corporate events and weddings is the invitation of a quick event caricaturist who draws witty caricatures of event participants live. Not everyone knows that one of the fastest caricaturists in the world lives and works in Poland (his website:, and the Museum of Caricature operates in Warsaw.

3. Satirical drawings and memes

Once witty drawings very often printed newspapers, now we can mainly see them on the Internet. Funny drawings by professional satirical cartoonists are also used in advertisements, because thanks to cartoon humor and funny characters, a product will sell better.

It is worth knowing what is the difference between satirical and humorous drawings. The latter are created simply to bring a smile to your face. Satirical drawings deal with more serious topics, closer to our lives, often also politics.

The beginning of the current century is an amazing career of memes – pictures with short, funny comments. They wouldn’t exist if the Internet hadn’t been invented. A funny picture consisting of a photo supplemented with a condensed witty content can make every gloomy person laugh.

4. Shows of cabarets and funny comedies

We love comedy films, and the most popular comedy groups in recent years have become stars, hired in commercials. From America came the fashion for stand-up – solo performances of comedians, often spiced with vulgar vocabulary. There are many ways to watch a new comedy or the next cabaret performance. Therefore, anyone who wants to cheer themselves up can easily find a funny movie, series or cabaret sketch.

The text was provided by the website with jokes: Substantive support: Good Humor Party – the most cheerful organization in the world. It was created in Poland in 2001 by Szczepan Sadurski – a Polish satirist.

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