3 Tips to style your dried bouquet

Tip 1: Arrange the dried flowers in a way you like.

When you receive your dried bouquet, you can arrange it in a way you like.

Work in heights

When you play with heights in your bouquet you create drama. By avoiding symmetry, but instead giving space to each individual flower, you make the dried bouquet interesting and the eye tends to gravitate toward it. If you want to accentuate the height difference, cut some stems shorter, while keeping the stems of the flowers or branches you want to stick out long.

Start at the beginning

To make the dried bouquet turn out exactly as you have in mind, it’s best to start with the longest stems. This means putting the longest stems in the vase first, so you can decide in advance where they should stick out.

Completing the dried bouquet

The setup that you created with the first branches, you can now fill with the rest of the dried flowers. Make sure that the more fragile flowers with a thin stem, can partly lean on a somewhat sturdier flower. Then you can be sure that the dried bouquet will stay beautiful longer, by preventing these fragile flowers from drooping sooner. Letterbox christmas gifts in a form like dried flowers is also a nice christmas gifts in the upcoming december period.

Tip 2: Get a nice matching vase.

A vase that beautifully matches the shape and color of your dried bouquet is more important than you think! Only with a matching vase, the dried flowers really come into their own.

Height of the vase

The ideal height of the vase is about half the height of the dried bouquet itself. Keep in mind the average height (which can be tricky with a bouquet with a lot of height differences!). So don’t just look at the tallest stem or plume from the drying bouquet.

Mouth of the vase

The size of the mouth of the vase is very decisive for the look of your dried bouquet. For example, if you have a vase with a small mouth, your dried bouquet will look more compact. If, on the other hand, you have a vase with a wider mouth, then your dried bouquet may look very spread out. The trick is to choose a mouth size that makes your bouquet look nice, so your flowers are not too close together, but not too far apart either.

Tip 3: Create a nice corner

To put your dried flowers in the spotlight, create a nice spot for them in your home. Of course, your dried bouquet can also be a nice addition to an already very cozy corner in your home. You can also easily brighten up an extra room by placing a large dried bouquet here. Don’t be afraid that your room will soon look “full”.

Another handy tip: use a mirror to make the cozy corner and your dried bouquet stand out even more, and also use other nice accessories and decorations.

If you don’t have so much space in your house for a nice corner, be creative, make a shelf on the wall, work in heights by putting your beautiful bunch on a cabinet.

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