Why Aluminum Water Bottles are Better for You and the Environment

We mostly know aluminum from our kitchen foil that we use to cover our food and in baking, but did you know that aluminum can be made into bottles that are sustainable, and won’t affect the quality of your water? Read more here:

Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum water bottles are the alternative to plastic bottles that are both safe for your health and the environment. The sustainability of aluminum water bottles is the perfect solution to the plastic water bottle problem, the latter of which fills up landfills with waste that doesn’t decompose for at least a thousand years.

Not to be confused with aluminum cans, which have a plastic liner to prevent sodas from corroding the metal, aluminum water bottles are made from pure aluminum. This fact makes aluminum water bottles even more sustainable and safer than aluminum soda cans.

How are Aluminum Water Bottles Better for You?

Because aluminum water bottles are made with only pure aluminum, they are much safer to drink from compared to plastic bottles, which may leak harmful chemicals into the water. Plastic bottles also require more care, as heat can cause the plastic to melt and change properties, affecting the quality of the water inside the bottle.

Additionally, aluminum bottles don’t affect the taste of the water. The water in an aluminum bottle is just as fresh as the day it was bottled. You can safely place hot water in an aluminum bottle or freeze it, and the bottle and the water stays the same.

In fact, we already regularly use aluminum in our food preparation without any ill effects. Our sports bottles and reusable tumblers are typically lined with aluminum or stainless steel. Some cookware used for baking and cooking are made with pure aluminum. Baking trays are also made from aluminum. We already use aluminum in the kitchen, so why not for water?

How are Aluminum Water Bottles Better for the Environment?

Aluminum is a highly sustainable material that has been recycled for decades. Recycling aluminum only uses up 5% of the emissions it takes to mine new aluminum, and 70% of all aluminum we have today is recycled from previous uses.

Aluminum is recycled by cleaning the material, and melting it at extreme temperatures before molding them into bottles, cans, and other uses. These bottles are then filled with water and other liquids, and shipped out to consumers.

In Asia, Japan and similar countries prefer using aluminum cans and bottles as they keep temperatures longer and are known to be more sustainable. Majority of the population are aware of the recycling process, and how their cans can be recycled into new products.

Aluminum water bottles are better for the environment as long as people understand the recycling procedures, and how to properly dispose of their aluminum bottles to be sent for recycling. When done correctly, aluminum water bottles can help save the environment from millions of plastic bottles thrown away each year.

How can you apply Aluminum Water Bottles to your Business?

Don’t just buy aluminum bottles, make it a habit! Integrate aluminum water bottles into business by promoting your brand and spreading awareness for the sustainability of aluminum at the same time through your corporate sustainability and responsibility.

Place your logo onto an aluminum bottle, and watch as your promotional products spread the word about your business for you. Participate in green initiatives, and link your business to form a sustainability image for your company.

Some companies also allow you to customize your label as well as choose the type of water that will be used in the bottle. You can choose the crisp natural spring water, or opt for some clean, distilled water. Whatever your choice, you can always apply an aluminum water bottle to any business and meet success in terms of your marketing and advertising.

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